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Review of Video Team:

"Yo, dog! Now... Get Ready To See The Mutha' Fuckin' Nastiest Ho's In The Hood!"

I put that excerpt from the page in for effect, did it work?
Now ad headline might suggest that this is only black women or purely interracial videos, and that's the truth ;) Full name of the site is: Vidoeteam's Afro-Centric

This site took my breath away, but not in a good way. While lookin
around at this site I simply lost my breath out of boredom and fear of writing this review about it. Like they promise with the name, there are a lot of video here, full length too. BUT! And oh yes, there is a but, it's all in .rm format. Usually .rm files might not be all that bad but here, they are actually exceptionally poor. In a futil attempt to please the dialup users need for video feeds they overlook the broadband users complete, who are used to better quality for their buck.

Before too long I was also inside a tangled web of leased content, licensed content and oh yes there were popups. I stay for about 20 minutes and I decided to call it a day.

There are both photos and videos avaiblable but the emphasis is put on the videos for sure. The quality is bad but content is extensive but BORING!

1 mont: $19.95


Yes I admit it, I didn't dig deep with this site but it was pretty obvious that this was crap from one end to the other. I can't recommend this site because of the very poor quality, other than that I don't care how much there is of it.


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