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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: No Live Shows: No Formats:

Prices: $19.95/30 days

Review of CD Girls:

Well they don't come much older than CDGirls. I think this was the second porn site I signed upto back in halcyon days of 2001.Those were the days.
Eee, when I wur a lad we didn't ave broadband.We ad t'carry t'jpegs uphill from t'phone exchange in a wheel barra,with a flat tyre in t' pouring rain.Tha nors.

As I remember it they had the best quality video's you could get, which in the days of 56k dial-up meant a bloody long wait for couple of minutes of sybian action. It wasn't a perfect site, it had its niggles, but it did set the mark for quality movie's.

Initially the layout seems a bit basic, but it does the job of getting you to the porn .That's probably a bit unfair really, as navigation is actually very easy on this site, it just doesn't look great. There's no dead ends, and everywhere leads to something. On the members page you get a list of the last six updates, and links to seven different areas.
Previews just gives you, erm, reviews of upcoming updates. Updates is 15 pages that takes back as far as 2001,in case you wish to work your way through the site chronologically (why, I don't know. but its there if you do)
Now we get to the good stuff, the actually porn....

Videos and stills

First up you get two choices on this page, CD Girls original material and a new addition, downloadable DVD content. The DVD section has 15 films in it (Amateur Angels, Just Over 18 etc), but not all the scene's from those movies. Some have four scenes, while others have just one. There are also 36 scenes from various other DVD's. Quality of these scenes are pretty damned good. They're split up into several clips of about 35 mb apiece, which should show how good the quality is. This section would make a reasonable site on the Adultbouncer network on its own.

The CD Girls original section is the big chunk of the site. Altogether there's 604 scenes in here (that figures a little confusing as they also include the scenes from the DVD section in that).This part is subdivided into 11 sections to make looking through the whole stack of movies easier. Interviews, Amateur, Solo/toys, Machines ,Lesbian, Group, Boy/girl, Fetish, Bondage, Sybian and All. Most of descriptions are self evident but clear things up...

Machines - Someone at CD Girls is a budding engineer. There's some weird looking contraptions (or should that be contraptions?) which all have one thing in common. They all have a dildo on the end.

Fetish - Has a bit of hot candle wax dripping, some piss scenes and pantyhose, but this isn't really CD girls strong point. If your after some really kinky stuff then you need to look elsewhere. To be honest the fetish thing doesn't do anything for me, but if it did I'd be a bit disappointed with this section

Sybian - I really, really wish I was a girl just so I could try out this machine. Now if 'When Harry met Sally' taught us guys anything, its don't trust a woman's reaction if she's having an orgasm. I can honestly say that any woman who sits on that damn machine will come.(My personal favorite is Ellen, she's so damned nervous and the look on her face when she's riding the Sybian is priceless :O) I always wondered if porn models really did have orgasms while filming, or if it was just good acting. Well on this site you know they do, there is no way these women can act that good :OD.

Video quality is pretty damned good, bordering on the excellent. Most movies are offered in three flavours, MPEG4, Quicktime, and Real. Some also have MPEG4 Low, Medium and High so you can choose which will suit your connection. If you've been to CD Girls in the past you'll be pleased to know that all of the old movies are here and some have even been remastered to make them better quality. Now my memory isn't what it was but I'm sure I remember the movies on CD Girls only being available in QuickTime and real. but all of the older ones are now also available in MPEG format as well. It makes a nice change to find a site that makes changes, but also goes through its whole catalogue with those changes. The creators of this site deserve a pat on the back for that alone.

There is one feature on this site which I have only seen there, and its one I wish all of the big sites would include. On every movie page there's a link which will take to the models 'Home'. This a page with links to all the movies they appear in on the CD Girls site, so no more wading through the whole site looking for that hot red heads entire set, just press the button, et voila

Each scene has its own set of stills. Now these are poor quality piscine mean really poor and are just vidcaps of the videos. Unless you have them on a PDA they are only useful as a preview for the actual videos. Quiet why they've wasted hard drive space by also providing zips of them is beyond me

HQ Images

This bit definitely wasn't here last time.Theres approximately 70 sets in here, all of good quality photo's, which is something that CD Girls had lacked in the past. The sets aren't actually all that big, and they certainly don't match KarupsPC in this department. But that's not really a problem as CD Girls is primarily a movie site, and these pictures are more of a bonus.


Bit of a limited search function here. You can't enter text and search for movies featuring stockings, or stripping. What you can do is search for all the videos by any of the models. There's a custom search which lets you select a type of scene (such as bondage) and search a particular category for any scenes relating to your choice.


This has links to two sections. First one takes you to an external site which is full of sex stories. The second one takes you to a CD Girls Labor Day special, which is a picture gallery covering 72 photos. I haven't a clue what Labor Day means in the States, but based on this its all about getting a dozen beautiful, naked females and covering them in baby oil. Which all sounds like a good reason to have a national holiday :O)


From here you can go three ways. Full Length Adult Videos is a very basic video feed, and Photo Mega Gallery is a poor to average err photo gallery which mainly consists of old, moderate quality photos that Karups dropped years ago. Plus it's available on any number of sites.

South Beach Amateurs is way ahead of the other two sites in this section. This sort of like Netvideogirls, and is a pretty good site on its own, the only gripe being you can't download the videos to watch at your leisure.

1 month $28.45
3 month $66.45
6 months $99.45
(There's no re-billing on any of the price plans)

Things in the world of internet porn have moved fast. With the increase in download speeds, and the equally fast drop in the price of storage, the quality of video downloads as surpassed even the wettest dreams of any pornaholic. It's no longer the leader in this field, but CD Girls has managed to keep up with the advance of technology. That's not a negative thing on CD Girls side, but there are that many sites out there I doubt there's a clear cut choice as to who's best anyway. What CD Girls does it does very well. In fact there are only two gripes I have with it. This is just my personal preference but I don't like my movies to seem too staged. Studio settings are fine, but I hate the whole T-shirts with the site name across them. I want to see the women peeling of 'real clothes' before getting down to it. CD Girls do have some movies where girls start off in jeans, skirt or dress but the vast majority doesn't. But this might just be my personal taste, and the rest of you might just skip any preliminaries and jump straight to the rumy pumpy anyway.

My Second gripe seems to only affect the older movies on the site. Most videos, new and old, are split into two to four clips (sometimes more) which on its own doesn't bother me as I just cue them in Windows Media Player, but it does annoy others and there's no option to download the entire movie in one piece, which by today's standards is pretty poor. Secondly, and this only applies to the older movies, each clip has a small title clip to it. Now this title bit only lasts four seconds, but if you're almost on the vinegar stroke it can be damned off putting to have the big titted blond disappear behind a swooshing CD Girls logo when one clip ends and the other starts.

All in all this is damned good site, and just about fits into my all time top ten of porn sites, and I would recommend it to anyone. The only proviso is that, as with any movie site, it isn't really suited to anyone with a 56k connection. Using this site on anything other than broadband is self-torture in the extreme, but maybe that in its self would appeal to the more perverted of you.

- Arclight


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