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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $39.25/30 days

Review of Abby Winters:

Revisit 16 months after yay!

If there was prize for the most dedicated adult webmaster Abby would hands down be miles ahead of the competition in this aspects she's the adult webmaster's answer to tennis' Williams sisters, it's almost unfair.

Now since my last visit a lot has happened and I also realize that I didn't even touch some of the stuff I should have in the review below but let me see if I can get around to it all. To help me do this I have Abby herself and these are the points she wanted to make in this revisit:

- About 150 new models added (pics and video), more spunky than before
- The GOLD section has expanded heaps, and makes up for just under a
half of the site's content lots of girl girl shoots here, stills and video
- Databased backend, meaning reliable and comprehensive updates
all data is searchable, easy to find shoots of specific models members can choose to
download complete zips, make their own custom zips, or view single images.
- Pretty much all our videos now have live sound, and are more
interesting and sexy
- Discussion boards allow models, staff and customers to interact,
and there's a
LOT of interaction going on!
- Site updated six days a week, alla content is absolutely shot by us
and exclusive
- Lots of added content, yet nav is still clear, concise, and fast
- New server, meaning most people on broadband get 120 to 160
kilobytes/second downloads

Now wouldn't you say she just did all of my work with that text J ? I was really impressed with this advanced .zip feature, it's as easy as 1-2-3 I tell ya. You simply check the images you want downloaded and they are zipped and sent to you…. Why do other webmasters not give us this, it's amazing, maybe Abby patented it ;) Of course you can also just choose to take down the whole set in a .zip, it's like whatever feature you want here, you got it.

About the videos I wanna say it's nice that they now almost all videos that are updated have sound, I remember missing that a lot the last time. Now the models talk to you and well the quality is great. You can't put a finger on quality anywhere here, the videos are sharp the pictures are sharpt and big in resolution…. I've said it all before.

The database overall gets a pad on the back too, you've really never browsed this much quality so easy in your life I can't imagine how much work has gone in to this site by now but it's more than I've seen anyone else put in.

Of course the content archive is enormous now and the gold section which I mention in the review below has blown up to like 10x size and is now, more than ever, something to consider joining because you have to ask yourself, can you live without it?..... It has backstage stuff, girl girl section, comments by Abby and the models and and…. Well it's just gotten huge and it's clear that Abby enjoys working on this section.

A good site just got a helluva lot better, if you say you really want real girls, natural pictures and video clips I can't understand it if you haven't signed up at Abby's yet….. it's pretty amazing really. Share your enthusiasm with other members in the very busy discussion forum, they seem to have a great time there ;)
First Review

Abby herself wrote us and asked if we would do a review on this site, and strangely enough I had never heard of this, but of course we agreed to review. Whenever people approach us first and ask us to do a review the pressure is on us, because on one hand we are happy about the interest in our site from the webmasters, and we wish to give them a good review. On the other hand we also have to be honest and this could end ugly. We got lucky here though this site is nothing if not innovative in the world of porn, read on....

Let's clear up right away that "Abby Winters" is not a model here, this is a photographer site, in the way that Abby is a photographer who actually believes that she has something new to offer the porn biz.

"Hi. I am Abby, a 26 year old Australian chick, who has been collecting rudie nudie pics on the net for around five years now. I was often frustrated by photographers and web sites that missed the point, or had models posing in ways that should be sexy looking but were instead really boring and uninspired."

Abby turns things around and I must admit she has a different approach than most amateur sites. First of all, the site is 100% Australian (from down under, sorry had to say that!); second of all the amount of work that goes into this site is close to incredible. An example of this is the model archive. All models have "keys" or icons next to their picture which tell you what this model has to offer, the categories are as follows:
"Video" "Audio" "Peeing" "Spreads" "Series Ongoing" "Video Coming Soon" "Gold Section" I will expand upon the Gold section later on.

I was impressed with these "keys" a lot and the amount of text that is written here, the information is in abundance which I suspect true amateur lovers will appreciate.

Abby does have some nice perspectives when she does her shoots, the first word that comes to mind when I look at the pictures is "raw". Yes it's hard to explain but the feeling of looking at the girl who just passed you on the street is very strong here. Whether or not this makes Abby a skilled photographer I won't be the judge of, but the quality of all the pictures without exceptions really, is very high. The pictures are in high resolution and as sharp as they come.

In the "regular" members section you have lots of content and very frequent updates for sure, you have approx 80 models where each model do 1 or more sessions and every other model approx. seems to have a video clip as well.

The video clips, now that's a story in itself, the clips can be downloaded in either mpeg format or .avi (DivX) format. I suspect the DivX is the most popular choice because they are 3 times smaller in size than the mpegs and the quality is great, very nice video clips with sound, though the 3 we decided to view was just with music (kind of playboy like).
As far as I could tell Abby updates the site 4 times a week with new photo sessions or video clips, the content is growing fast and members don't seem to have enough time to ever get through everything here.

The design of the page is great, I was very excited about the easy navigation, the pleasant colours, the vast information and the much appreciated lack of advertising.

Now Abby does state on her page that she deals with real people and she doesn't think much of the "silly scenarios" and "oily bodies" you get from such publications like Penthouse etc. BUT I would like to make a small note here about the babe amount you will find here. Granted there are some very very pretty natural girls here, but some of them are also, so natural that you think that one of their parents must have had an encounter with an animal of some sort. It's all natural and it's all amateurs.

Everything is categorized and this makes it easy to find what you are looking for, if you have various fetishes they are also boxed in here and quickly accessible.
Gold Section - This is nothing but a bonus for members who stay for 3 months or longer or sign up for it right away. It's extra material that is put aside to "reward" the "loyal" members. There is plenty of content for just 1 months members and you shouldn't be too curious about the extra content, I'll say it this way, only stay as members if you like the updates and generally dig the site don't sign up for 3 months because of the gold section.

I can't hide it, I think this is one of the very best true amateur sites I have come across as my time as reviewer, and the VERY low price for this amount of content and quality just convinces me that this site has to get 5 stars.... True amateur lovers, you MUST check this site out.


Reader comments:

Comment by: annegerb Rating: 07-06-29

Great pictures. Most girls are totally natural. Hot!! Video sucks!

Comment by: 20girl Rating: 07-12-26 is not a simple porn site with faked sexual acts and groans. The site is not for people who are hard and fast searching Sex. The girls are very amateurs and I love their simple but honest kind, gentle sex and bodily show. For me it is a great side and I have a lot of fun with it!

Comment by: 20girl Rating: 07-12-27

Abbywinters is the best site for the delicate female sex. If you are a lesbian - like me - and surching sex on the Internet, you MUST arrive sooner or later on this page. Great!! And THANKS to all the girls!

Comment by: 20girl Rating: 07-12-29

Abbywinters is clear delicate natural sex with girls who really do what they feel - just incredible, lively and of highet quality. Abbywinters is not a porn site and not a company but a lovely family.

Comment by: buckdaddy1 Rating: 08-01-23

Take all the positive reviews multiply them by a 1,000
and thats how i feel about my new find."Abby Winters"
I been totally satisfied with my new subcription.
The women are beautiful,The videos are the best. The photo lay outs are more than lovely.
Natural Eye Candy at a new level.
Like a Sweet Rotation On A Surgar Plum, Yum!Yum!Yum!

Comment by: Biped Rating: 08-04-05

I'm a bloke, and I'm fed up with these old, nasty, worn-out, fake-titted women being as dirty as they can, thinking it's sexy. I found AbbyWinters about 6 months ago, and girl-oh-girl, it certainly ticks all the boxes. Beautiful, natural, sexy, honest-as-like girls who really enjoy themselves and love their bodies. The AbbeyWinters team are brilliant! Well done and keep up the good work.

Comment by: greyhound Rating: 08-10-17

Never seen so many beautiful, young women at one place.
What I especially like is all the variations of the naked bodies of all the women.
Each woman is beautiful in her own way.
I just love the naked body of beautiful women.

Great Site!

Comment by: naturally Rating: 09-06-17

As some of the comments above note, AbbyWinters isn't for everyone - especially those who are just looking for 'porn as usual.' It's for those who appreciate real girls over blow-up mannequins and real sex over fake groans of 'oh yeah baby.' It's a community - subscribers, models, photographers & videographers, all in it together for the creation of genuine erotic experience.

Comment by: renfield Rating: 11-02-22

i love
the girls are natural and very real.
at first i was kinda let down that some of the videos were just them talking about themselves and i wanted the girls to masturbate and show their delicious body parts so i could stroke my cock and be in awe of these girls.
but i got to know about each of them and i simply fell in love with some and it made stroking to them more intimate and enjoyable.i would recomend this site to anyone that looks for real amazing women that will show their pussies and buttholes and pleasure you the best they can. i just wish i was one of them girls,cause i would love to eat all their pussies.

Comment by: bigfan Rating: 16-04-24

I needed to congratulate once more on their work! What they do is so much better from the majority of other sites, theirs is artistic and showcases beauty in an organic way (little makeup or other artificial additives - although I have to confess that I think manicured nail polished fingers are icing on the cake). It is unfortunate that the web is full of blatant images of genitalia which after a few images becomes repulsive. Why is it not obvious that on your face genitalia without context is not attractive? Genitalia is only beautiful and desirable when it is preluded by beautiful faces and personalities and accompanied by other parts. (like in abbywinters’ videos and photos). Thanks abbywinters!!! You take the time to let us learn about the girl, relish on her eyes, ears, hair, toes, and more, before showing us the jewels. Please seriously consider sharing more ears, navels, back of the neck, small of her back, etc. Tease us with these as many of us like them much as the jewels. The fact is jewels are best enjoyed when accompanied by these. Don’t get me wrong, I also enjoy genitalia (including the excellent close ups you offer) but not on its own. Speaking of close ups, please keep these on coming. What a thrill it is to see goose bumps and body hair (I mean delicate blondish hair around boobs or the area where the thigh meets the butt). Thank you for providing a platform on which we can access and relish these gifts of nature. I also savor the other perspective you show on the girl girl and masturbation series. By the way, my most recent favourites are: Carolina S, Mykala, and Lana M.

Comment by: BucketsOfFun Rating: 16-11-06

As someone who has been enjoying and paying for adult content for over a decade I can safely say that Abby Winters is well worth anyone's time, attention and money. And as someone who enjoys certain kinds of scenes, their a la carte option is perfect -- I simply purchase what I want and don't get frustrated when less interesting shoots are published (or forced upon me). While more and more professional adult models have started to appear on the site -- Julia Roca, Lola Gatsby, Taylor Sands, Alexa Tomas, Jodi Taylor, Leyla Morgan, Aruna Aghora, et al -- since the company relocated to the Netherlands, they still feature countless first timers and offer a high quality audio / visual product. More so, whether by design or not, these same models often appear non-scripted and in their natural element (doing whatever they'd like in an environment they're comfortable in) rather than doing simply what a director would like. This means you rarely see them participating in hardcore acts (just for a paycheque) or discussing their sexual exploits at great length… but that also means you get them in a somewhat more vulnerable state. That makes A.W. one of the more responsible and feminist friendly erotica sites around. As someone who likes to see the stripped back, somewhat more personal touch, this is a welcomed sight (and offers a nice viewing break from standard XXX sites). This (controlled) unscripted approach also results in a certain kind of unpredictability too, one that means no two videos are ever the same because no two models enjoy exactly the same thing. Seeing models do whatever they wish is a nice shift from the usual content but that doesn't mean the erotic side of things is an afterthought -- it just means that the women who appear in "solo" shoots pleasure themselves in all the ways they like it, or how they would if the cameras weren't there. While they have plenty of "Solo", "Imitate Moments" (masturbation) and "Girl-Girl" shoots to enjoy, their Boy-Girl scenes are a standout because they let the couple do their own thing (the performance isn't solely about close-ups or angling for the camera but about amateur couples devouring one another in ways they would on any given weeknight). While not all of my favourite angles / positions are captured in all "stills" shoots, the majority certainly contain clear and visible images of each woman, from head to toe. Again, the models appear to be in control of the content thus a certain shyness creeps in, which can be sweet or frustrating, depending on what you're in the mood for. Attractiveness is so subjective so I won't go into the specifics of the women who appear on the site but with 1500 models ready to be viewed, it seems improbable that one will not find what they're looking for. I don't necessarily like the fact they force certain models to cover up their tattoos but if that's what the majority of subscribers have expressed they want (i.e. clean cut and innocent appearing woman), I'm not someone who'd stop paying because of some superficial editorial decision. The real and most important questions is: Will you reach climax watching Abby Winters? The answer: Yes, without a doubt. The girls are lovely, sexy and often modelling for the first time. With all the tube sites out there it's so easy not to spend any money on adult content but with daily updates, beautiful women from all over the world, super fun "play dates" (with select models that include the option for one-on-ones), respondent staff, professional customer service and now monthly real-world couple videos to go with countless masturbation clips, Abby Winters is worth a look -- and I, for one, can't stop looking (so much so that I'm forever rearranging my Top 5 models list). -B.O.F.

Comment by: bigfan Rating: 17-02-12

I have to admit that every now and then I shop around other web sites to see if there would be something that I like better than what abbywinters offers, and every time the answer is NO. No one else out there does it as abbywinters. Case in point, the videos and images of Alexis V (the ones in which she's vacuuming). We get to see her dancing and goofing around in her underwear before her jewels are revealed (the teasing factor in this shoot is a 10/10). Other sites present you with genitalia in the first couple of pictures or minutes into the video, and that's like skipping to dessert before the meal! and that should be illegal! ha, ha, ha. Abbywinters, on the other hand, show us close-ups of her face, her captivating smile, her spirit, and so much more! By the way, Alexis V is as cute as they come. Great shots of her clean desirable feet and manicured hands. Congrats Abbywinter! You get to keep my business. I remain a Bigfan!

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