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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: $18.95/30 days
$59.95/365 days

Review of Zexy teens:

This is an online magazine only, meaning it does not have roots in a well known hard copy magazine. I guess you could say that this is an E-zine but that name sounds degrading in itself now, so let's stick with online magazine for now.

The site consists of 81 "issues" of the magazine, an issue is 10 photoshoots minimum but we saw up to 15 in one issue. A new issue comes out every tuesday and with the amount of pictures they add each time you have agree that it's a nice update pace.

The first thing to check out really should be; Is this teen content? The answer would have to be yes, these girls all look 18-20 with a few exceptions ofcourse. It never really gets yucky, meaning, they never look like they are 14 orso.

If I put up my specially made Babe-O-Meter here (fancy huh?) I would say the chances of babes is 40-50%. There are plenty of nice looking girls here, but they don't spare you the dogs.

One must admit that given the the young age of the site they have managed to put up a nice pile of content in a hurry and with a minimum of 10 photoshoots a week this site is guaranteed to keep members happy for quite some time.

Let's just get this straight though, none of the pictures are shot by, they are lincensed to them, now there is a difference. I actually recognized quite a few of the pictures here and this is because these pictures are sold to websites in general. However the pictures are nice for the most part, but it does shine through that they come from various places, sometimes you get AWESOME quality and other times it's just medium, but these are nice pictures, AND you have the possibility of downloading the sets in .zip files, which is always nice.

Some hardcore content but Softcore really is dominating here.

They stated in the info section that they have some mpegs here, which they probably do, but it must take too much digging because we really didn't see any on our way in here.

Tons of pictures and frequent updates + some nice quality, it all really sums up to a good site. It did puzzle me though that an "online magazine" has nothing written about it's models or anything... just some text might be nice and in keeping with the category of this site.

1 month: $29,95

Well the mpeg bit was a disappointment, the html was a bit screwed up too and the price is probably too much for this kind of site. A site that offers pretty much the same content is which only charge 10.95 for the same so.... Anyways a fairly good picture site that's about it.


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