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Prices: $19.95/30 days

Review of Wet Lands:

This is one of the biggest and most welknown amateur/wives sites on the net if you are to believe the webmaster here. He states in the story about the website that has been featured on NBC dateline and hardcopy. The site has been mentioned many places and a lot of amateur lovers pick this as their favorite site.

This site was originally started by a married couple who got into a bit of a financial crisis. This crisis seems to have been radically turned around with the creation of The Wetlands, this site is going well and they are not trying to hide that fact, but let's take a look at what is so special about this site.

the first thing I noticed when I entered was the look of page, it didn't strike me as anything special and I braced myself for a bad experience. But the next thing that starts to dawn is the huge amounts of exclusive content this site has to offer, and it's not just some fake trying to pass off as amateur site, kind of deal, this actually is the real thing. Before too long I was drowning in content and realized I was never gonna be able to even take a wild guess about how much you get access to here.

The Wetlands are devided in to several different "homes" where various people are running their own sites within the wetlands, but the beauty of it all is that your wetlands membership gives you access to it all. This is main attraction about The Wetlands, it's large content and diversity.

As you might have guessed, since this is also a wife site, there is a lot of mature content here, but on the other hand you also get some young wives so it kind of mixes.

You get hardcore couple action, as well as lesbian and single nude posings.

The quality varies a lot, that really should go without saying on an amateur site, but it never gets bad. The quality all in all is good except for the video archives here. Looking at videoclips here like trying to attend an Aerosmith concert underwater. The sound is blurry as hell and you can't tell Steven Tyler apart from Britney spears.

To get things straight this is a great site for wife/amateur lovers, you get tons and tons and tons of material to search your way through and Wetlands have various ways of keeping your interested. For one they update quite frequently in their webpartners programme section. This is aided with a reward for each of the partners site for the most frequent updates within a special theme for that month.

1 month: $17.95

This is a good amateur offer for wife/amateur lovers, lovers of the wife niche especially. I can recommend it as a very good buy, and I do respect all the hard work that goes into this site. Finding your way around the place could have been made easier and the design definately could use an overhaul right about now.


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