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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $9.99/30 days (Reg. $29.99), rebills at $19.99
$99.99/365 days

Review of All Ladies Shaved:

This will be our 150th review and I have been wondering for a while how we could "celebrate" that here at pornliving, and finally I decided to do a review on This site boldly states that they are:
"The Industry Leader in High Resolution Graphics"

I have decided to save you the suspense on this, they aren’t lying!

At first I would like to address the quality of the pictures here and pardon me but, HOLY CRAP! That's right, you heard me the first time, this is simply as good as it gets. How they manage to get the pictures so sharp and delightful to look at is beyond me, so I have decided not to think more about it, I will simply establish that these pictures are the best I have seen while reviewing for pornliving.

- ALS states that they are currently working on improving their picture quality further, we went in to take a look at a model whose pictures uses ALS' new technique. At first I couldn't tell the quality apart from the rest, but after a while the new level of sharpness and details dawns on you. ALS says this is the quality all pictures will be added in, in the future, impressive

I roamed around for a while browsing through the many gorgeous women/girls here. The reason that I add the "girls" is that basically all the models here are still in their teens but they are all pretty and the high resolution of the pictures ensures that you enjoy every second of it.

At first I was going to categorize this site as strictly softcore because I never saw a guy anywhere in the pictures, this would make it softcore?.... Well maybe it is only girl action here but it's just as hard as it is soft in some of the cases. The girls go at with peeing shots, anal penetration with all sorts of toys so we are beyond the single girl glamour category now.

When you surf around you get used to the whole thumbnail thing as you do with any other site that is worth anything, but here they have made a little twist that began to annoy the hell out of me after a while. When surfing through the girls only the latest addition of pictures are browsable through thumbnails, this is usually like 8-10 pictures max. The rest of the model's pictures you must surf through using simple text links (numbers). It was annoying but, ALS is aware of this and most of the models can now be browsed by thumbnail all the way, not all that many lacking anymore.
As something new ALS added the option of .zip downloads, as always we like this feature a lot.

- ALS informs us that all pictures should be browsable by thumbnails around the middle of may 2002.

ALS Scan, now isn't that a weird name? While you have been reading so far did you stop to wonder what the acronym "ALS" might actually stand for? Well even if you didn't I'm still going to tell you because it took me by surprise actually: ALS stands for All Ladies Shaved. And with that information you just got a little wiser about the content of this site.

Moving along I decided to check out the MPEGs, I am always a bit sad when I come across a site that hasn't given in to DivX yet and it wasn't much better here. As one would have expected the mpegs turned out to be of the highest quality and they were all really, really good, BUT every clip is around 9 mb in filesize and you only get from 20-30 seconds worth of video per clip. Now granted the quality is awesome, for most users it seems kind of like a waste to spend 10 minutes downloading a 25 seconds clip. My recommendation as always is: switch to DivX! There are always 40 mpeg clips available for members, and ALS are also adding "Blast from the past" clips

The updates are daily usually this includes 11 new images, and in the weekends 8 per day. Occasionally whole sets are added all at once. It adds up to about 70 new pictures a week, and around 300 new pictures within your 1 month membership.

About this site I would like to also mention the great billing policy they have here. First of all I think it's very commendable that they donate a lot of money to charity from the money they make from signups. Also they do NOT auto renew memberships. This means that if you sign up for a month only, they will not charge you for one more if you do not cancel. 98% of pay sites on the net auto-renew and it's a bit dirty so I respect the fact that they have chosen not to go down that path here.

1 month: $21.95

Worth every penny, every cent every dollar or whatever the hell you are paying with :) It's a very fair price for this awesome site with the highest quality possible and very pretty girls. Judge from the samples, if you like them you get a lot more of exactly the same high quality. I have also decided to categorize this site as a fetish site merely because of the fact that all ladies are shaved.


Reader comments:

Comment by: annegerb Rating: 07-04-27

This is definetely the best site for pics of fucking hot girls!! Nothing comes close. The video is hot! I love the masturbation scenes! Now they switch to HD in TOP QUALITY! Nowhere else being found on the web.

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