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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: Special: $14.99/30 days (Reg. $29.99), rebills at $19.99
$59.99/90 days
$149.99/365 days

Review of Hot Legs And Feet:

Alrighty so it's time to take another close look at The webmaster recently mailed us to say they gave the site a complete overhaul and that we just had to see. I've been rummaging around the site for about 3 days now building up my babe picture collection (yes I have a collection and it's very hush hush). It's no secret though that most of my really good quality picture sets have been shot by Denys DeFrancesco who is also the photographer behind Denys is one of the best photographers you will find in this business and therefore it's always a pleasure to go through his sites. Earlier some of the sites have suffered under some poor navigation and fairly dodgy layout solutions, but it seems things have changed radically for the better over there since our last visit. Let's take a closer look.

The niche

The focus here is of course on the gorgeous models but there is also the obvious attention directed towards feet and legs. Now I'm a pantyhose man myself, I don't know what it is but I go crazy when I see some nice legs in them however I never understood the feet fetish myself. I wouldn't say that this site is strictly targeted towards those who dig these small niches as the focus on both never takes over the site, the models are still the stars in their own right however if you enjoy looking at beautifully shaped lady feet as well, then you can't get around this site.

The site isn't just girls showing off their extremities either, the action is well balanced out on solo sets, lesbian sets and hardcore sets. All of which is available as videos and pictures. As something new here you are also offered Denys casting videos for download, these are an absolute must to check out as well.

The content

Denys' sites have been around for a while which is a nice change in these times where I have to review sites that just opened last week. started well over 5 years ago however and all the content gathered through the years is now all online. To put some perspective on this it might be a good time to tell you that the site is updated with a new video or picture set every damn day, always has been and they say it always will be. Well they earned 5 years of goodwill so far so I'll take their word for it on this one.

This extremely high update frequency also means that the site has gotten so huge that it's hard for me to give you the exact amount of picture/video sets available but I'll make some rough estimates. The site states they have over 500 models online and by my count they seem to be well over that as well. If I really HAVE to make a guess on how many picture sets there are I can't really anything other than I believe there is over 1500 with and with more than 100 pictures per set you can do the math on the amount of pictures. As to videos, they have added in average 8 video shoots a month over 5 years so that would just under 500 videos unless of course you count the casting videos they have added as well then you are probably closer to 7-800. Needless to say there is a shitload of content and it's all 100% exclusive, shot by Denys DeFrancesco

The technical stuff


The pictures are available in 3 types of resolution: Small 420 x 280, Medium 800 x 600 and Large 1600 x 1100. The thumbnails are presented with 3 small buttons below so you for each picture can chose right away which quality type you would like to view the image in. The default quality is Large if you click the thumbnail itself. There is an obvious to improve things here for the surfers by letting the user set his own preference for future viewings. Yes I know I'm going in to details but with a site like this it's ok because chances are they will actually listen to these small suggestions.
Other than that, you can download the pictures as 20 picture pack .zip files. Here it would be nice if they would make one big .zip file available that holds all the pictures of the set.

- Videos
The videos are all available for download and there are no restrictions at all, you download and they are yours to keep forever. A video scene is usually cut up into segments and the standard seems to be 4-6 segments. Each segment is available in 3 media formats: wmv, DivX, Mov. Where DivX is the best quality. And the quality is good, no squares in the divx movies at all and they handle full screen perfectly, however there is a tendency for the videos to look at bit "white-washed" like the brightness is just a tad over the top. But the videos really are nice and it's in the videos that you really notice the focus on feet. The boy girl scenes shows a lot of the girls jerking the guy off with her feet from all angles, and the lesbian scenes get even more creative with the feet theme. You cannot accuse this site of being weak about it's theme for sure.


Navigating through all the content is fairly easy. You have a dropdown box from where you can choose what month and year you would like to see updates from. You can also choose to go through it all by models. There is a model directory listed alphabetically as well that will make it easy to find the model you are looking for. You can also choose to only browse through video sets if you want and as mentioned there is a whole section under "extra" where you can go through the audition videos (I'm a sucker for these).
Overall the site has gotten a very nice facelift and the needed functions to make it easier to get an overview of all the content. Some minor things can still be added to make it even more fun to browse through. I would for example love to be able to say that "now I want to see the last 100 added picture sets on one page". Also I would like to be able to choose to see all lesbian sets only, stuff like that.

The bottom line

The bottom line is easy here. If you are into feet there is no real alternative, this is the site for you and I dare you to find a site that caters to this niche fetish better than The combination of very hot models and high quality not to mention crazy amount of content makes this site unavoidable for feet lovers. If you are not that much into feet it's still a site that would be worth your money but perhaps you should check out Denys flaghship site If feetlovers around the world ever decide to unite, this is the site they will meet on, best there is…period!


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