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Review of Upskrit School:

This is not gonna take all that long, I have seen this site many times before, it's exactly the same as a 1000 others out there.

This should probably have been a site that focused mainly on upskirt shots and you would have thought then, that upskirt photos would be what they have the most of here. Sadly this is not the case. 9 photosession is upskirt pictures and these ARE NOT exclusive AT ALL. Everything on this site is baught straight from

It's really not worth the time going into anymore about this site. You do get access to a lot of common pictures, they all appear to be sharp and small.

While browsing you are bombarded with flashing banners and the page really looks ridiculous all together.

Price: (the cheap laugh this month)
1 month: $39.28 (they GOTTA be kidding)

Stay away, it's crap, it's adds, it's non exclusive, it's small and it's not what you think. C-R-A-P!


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