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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/1 day
$24.95/30 days
$59.37/90 days

Review of Shady P.I.:

We live in a cheating culture. Husbands and wives get sick of each other, and yearn for another. It's not even a surprise when we find out about these things nowadays. It's almost common. With the increase of cheating, there is also a subsequent increase in the business of private investigators. Don't let Monk, Spenser, et all fool you. The life of a P.I. is not murders and mystery. It's usually late night stakeouts and stalking to find out who their client's significant other is fooling around with.

Shady PI is an interesting look into the life of a private investigator. The story here is that the P.I. is so sick of being burned by women, he posts the videos of them cheating on this website. As a P.I., he has video and picture evidence of course. The idea behind Shady PI is actually pretty cool. I like the fact that they tried something original with the theme. This boils down to being a hidden camera site, of which there really haven't been any really good ones I've come across. So the theme here is strong and works really well.

Moving into Shady PI, you get the site banner on the top of the page. This basically is a collage of four different thumbnails from the site, looks pretty good, but it is big and bold. Next we see a banner for live shows. Now, this actually takes you to a live video in the network. I'm not sure what this is a part of , if anything, but it is less of an ad than it looks like it would appear. Still, it's poorly placed on the site. We then see the latest two updates, with links to see them along with the date of update. To the side of this, there are links to a few different areas of the network like the live videos (again), reviews (hey!), and find a sex partner. They mix in a few useless links with a few useful ones. Underneath this, they list the most popular videos and the top videos of the site. These are text links only. Then on the left, there are more updates highlighted, with one thumbnail each. Then, more live chat, and then, at the bottom, are all of the updates. Then, on the bottom, a rather large banner ad. Yes, this is as much of a clusterfuck as I make it sound. They really need to clean up here.

The sets for Shady PI have limited thumbnails. You get a few smaller ones- but in many cases, you do not get a truly good preview of the action or the participants in the action. When you go into videos, you can download segments in WMV or MPG. You can also download the full video in either format. Additionally, there are segmented flash videos. Finally, you can also go with one minute WMV segments if you so desire. There is also a link to the pictures, which we will get to later. A key point, which I missed on my first go around here, is that from the front page, if you click on the link with the models name, it takes you to her personalized page on the network including all of her work (here its mainly shady pi), while if you click on the actual thumbnail, you go right to the set. This is a major time saver so keep it in mind. The setup here is great except for the static ad banner on the bottom that will not go away no matter what!

The videos here on Shady PI need to be looked at from a different perspective than most of the network sites. Since these are hidden camera videos, or at least thats the theme of the site, they are not going to be as high quality as regular videos. They are also not going to have the variance of angles that you'd get on a non hidden site. The latter is actually the most significant. Here on Shady, they have a nice mixture. The videos are still a good quality, although they stay realistic to the theme. The videos still look like hidden cameras, albeit modern, high quality hidden cameras. The positioning of the camera, while pretty static, does have a few nicer, closer up views. In the end, its like having a very high tech hidden camera.

The photos almost look like the pictures you'd get from your PI in one of those manilla envelopes. They are mostly non nude, just showing the two people cozy together. Its pretty cool that they fit in with the theme very well, but I wouldn't expect less from these Porn Pros! If you want to see the down and dirty action, you can always check out the screen caps as well.

The girls here are all very attractive women. While I don't like being filmed, I'd certainly have an affair with them! The coolest part of the site is all of the little touches they make to ensure realism and trueness to the subject. From the camera shots to the pictures to the site in general, the theme is held up incredibly well throughout.

At the time of review, Shady PI had a total of 18 spyings posted on the site. This is one of the few network sites that, while the site is updated still, it seems to be a bit inconsistent. There are a few jumps in time and lately it seems to be updated every two weeks. This should be noticed by those who might join the network based on this site alone.

The Porn Pros network includes the following sites: 18 Years Old, Freaks Of Cock, Real Ex Girlsfriends, Deep Throat Love, 40 oz Bounce, Euro Humpers, Cock Competition, Sleep Creep, Flexible Positions, Shady PI, Pimp Parade, Jurassic Cock, and a few unoriginal DVD sites to keep you interested. Overall, the network does a nice job of having some cool different themes, along with some plain jane ones. Overall, I really enjoyed it.


This is all about theme- the Porn Pros go out of there way to make Shady PI unique, original, and fun. That alone, along with the excellent network, is a strong recommendation to buy, if it sounds like its up your alley!


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