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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/1 day
$24.95/30 days
$59.37/90 days

Review of Cock Competition:

To call a shameless site would be the understatement of the century (my review, I exaggerate deal with it). Before joining the site you might assume that the producers have found this supernatural sperm dispensing machine that shoots out cum by the gallon. You would of course be forgiven for this assumption as the tour pages try to pass off some out-of-this-world cumshot scenes as the real deal. Well you can never really accuse them of that as they make no statement either way but it’s plain to see that the reason they want us to join this site is to see some fucked up freaky porn… I believe that’s my cue.

Volcano-like cumshots aside, let’s start off by examining what this site is really all about. For the first time in a while we find a site that actually tries to play on the reality-porn theme. Meaning they try to pass the whole thing off as if these are not paid porn models (in case you didn’t know…). The idea is that the girls featured on the site are pick up off the street and are basically just in this for the fun and sex of it all. Fair enough, I’ll let my imagination run wild.

The whole thing started like fun to begin with and I had my hands reaching for the tissues in advance, reminding myself to stock up on Kleenex before long. With the video fading in the first thing I noticed was that the two girls and the with the huge cock about to fuck them were sitting in front of a background that was blue-screened in. I was starting to await the blue/red pill option as everything seemed outlandish already. Except for this blonde chick with natural titties that just won’t quick (I’ll get back to those and if they are real or not).

So the whole thing is set up like a Q&A game show at first which then, for no apparent reason, turns into a twisted porn version of the wheel of fortune. The wheel the girls have to spin here contains sexual actions that we all know and love from the world of porn e.g “Anal creampie”, “cum in hear” (a classic), “deep throat” and more. Basically what the producers are telling us is that they are running out of ways to spice up the various variations and are now showing us how they decide what to do. OK so I’m being a bit harsh but you may have noticed that I found this whole thing so much out there that somewhere along the way my enthusiasm for this fun idea and setup, died down.

What I really wanted to see was some straight up fucking with the hot blonde babe with the titties with moaning and intensity coming out the wazoo. Instead I get this a bunch of giggling bimbos fake laughing at this over-the-top actor (even for porn) who is supposed to have this freakazoid big-ass cock. Well the whole thing gets a tad more ludicrous when you realize that this cock that his dragging around by the root is of course as fake as the ferns in my windows. So now we are left with a site that goes from actual hardcore fucking to a guy thrusting girls with a big fake dildo. This of course ends off by the girls getting literally showered in fake cum that gets pumped out through this plastic tube thing designed to and passed off as a dick.

Iiiiiiiim sorry folks, I’m not sold. I love porn and I love sex and I even love crazy out there setups with absolutely no roots in real life but this just ends up as being ridiculous. If you get horny by watching this stuff you might as well go buy a Barbie doll and take off it’s clothes.

Other than that I have a few more drawbacks I want to bring out before putting down the keyboard for the night. Let’s make a list shall we?
- Ads everywhere. I was bombarded with ads everywhere I went in the members area.
- The site is only updated twice a month, shit my windows are cleaned more frequent than that.
- Navigation is messy and the download speeds vary a great deal even with download managers.

It’s not all bad of course as in it’s not a complete rip-off, more like the producers didn’t know when to call it quits. There’s a lot of really hot girls in every clip but that also makes a lot of sense since it’s probably easier to get hot girls when they don’t have to do actual boy/girl hardcore just fuck around with a plastic dildo. Of course everything is also exclusive and you can download all the videos without any kind of DRM or restrictions as well as watch some still photos (not very good quality).

The biggest save for this site is that you get access to the entire network of sites when signing up. Overall this is a nice value for money type of deal and so at least you’ll get a lot of great porn out of all those other sites.

The bottom line
You’ll have to be very gullible to get off to this site. The whole wheel of fortune site thing could have worked if the actual sex and cumshots would have been real but the producers were out to shock and instead everything simply fell flat and boring. Can’t recommend this site on it’s own merits, I will however recommend the tits on that blonde chick, would someone please tell if those are fake or not? (check clips and image samples).


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