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Review of Teen Taboo:

I’m getting hustled here people and I’ll tell you the hustle right now so you can use it against me as well. The thing is, to get reviewed on Pornliving I ask webmasters to place a link to my page so that the site can stay relevant in search engines and hopefully generate some traffic. Now that’s standard stuff of course, everybody has to built traffic. It used to be a pretty good system where only serious webmasters would actually go to the trouble of placing a link and then make a genuine request. It used to be that they would actually have a product they can be proud of. In this case I’ve now been hustled twice in a row and you can be 100% sure that when the webmaster reads this review, he’ll remove his link and my work will be pure pro-bono as my recommendation will not be to join this site. Watch out as this is just going to be a full frontal attack on these types of cookie-cutter sites put up to milk the infamous porn cash cow.

I don’t know where to begin with this one, ow wait I know, how about this quote from the splash page in the members area: “The no.1 online source for teen porn!”. I am absolutely amazed that the webmaster could make himself write this, I mean who are they kidding?

Let’s do this:

- The quality of the pictures here is like something out of the 90’s. I won’t make any claim as to whether it is exclusive or not but it looks jaded as hell.

- The site is NOT updated once a day like it promises. Last update I could find was made 1 month ago… waaauw.

- I have no way of knowing when videos are added, these are not date stamped but I can tell you that the site has archives from 2006 till now (well a month ago) and it totals 6… S-I-X movies in total. Mind you, this is the no.1 online source for teen porn here.

- Several sections will not have movies available obviously, but you can also hit many sections that do not even have pictures and you will just see this message “no images in gallery”. Remember, it’s no.1 folks.

- Navigating is made as cryptic as possible, one of the stranger things to me was that on the splash page I could see a nice listing of picture sets, however they were not linked in so I tried to find one of them by going through the category, my god.

- The “new this week” makes you feel like you’ve been robbed (if you paid money to get in) because news seems to happen every 40 days. Luckily you can read this from the tour pages as well so I doubt sensible people will want to sign up to a dead site, but I think it happens too often.

Honestly guys you can’t expect me to go on here. I do not have too many good things to say about this site at all. 1 or 2 picture sets caught my eye and two of the videos were actually decent, heck one was even hardcore. There is also bonus sites available focusing on different porn niches, all named *–taboo. These are just as uninteresting as this one.

The bottom line
The thing is, I think the owner of this/these website(s) used to be pretty active, maybe I don’t know, but no matter how it used to be or how long these sites have been running it’s just a drag to run it now it seems. There is no care for the niche, no regular updates, pictures look like they are from the 90’s and there’s only 6 movies available. I can’t see how I could justify shelling out $25 for this one. Stay away from this one.

$24.95- One Month Membership

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