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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.76/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
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Review of I have a Wife:

I’ve stayed away from the more mainstream sites for the last couple of reviews but I am making a comeback on my way to completely finish another array of sites. You may know the network Naughty America, if you don’t that’s cool we can still hang. Naughty America is just a common denominator for a collection of hardcore sites that focus on a mix of college girl and more mature women in hardcore action, but is not exclusive to either as such. Some changes since I last visited the network is that they have gone blog-style in their design, damn, everybody’s going blogstyle, shit I am even thinking of going blog style! Other than that a lot of new sites have been launched making the network beefier and of course making the updates more frequent. Today we are going to take a close look at I Have a Wife dot com (yuh I’m just spelling now).

“What kind of girl goes after a married man?
These girls are dripping wet just to find some
guy that can fulfill all of their naughty desires...”

You get the picture? In case you don’t the site is aiming to shoot hardcore fantasies where the hot women are all about fucking a married man. So the women are into married men huh? I hope that catches on, nah seriously wifey – we’re good. I’m married so I’m biased of course, I really like this fantasy even though I would of course kindly refuse if opportunity was knock(ers)ing one day.

What I do know is that the site seems to have excellent taste in women. From looking over the thumbnail list of movies I was drooling heavily in my keyboard. Girls like: Tanya James, Renae Cruz, Abbey Brooks, Kenzi Marie, Angelina Valentine and Jessica Lynn had me frantically scouring for the download links.

Of course I do not download all movies for writing a review, I actually only watch about 2 or 3 movies before I form an opinion. In some cases I do not make it pass one or even through one but then it would really have to be crap. In this case it wasn’t so I settled on 3 movies featuring Kenzi, Tanya and Abbye Brooks. Yes I know I’m into brunettes but in this case the blondes simply had them outgunned, sorry!

I had to wait a while before I was able to watch the movies because I chose to download them and Naughty Americans really is specifically for Americans as the routing in Europe is really lousy. For Europeans you can expect a maximum download of 400kbps which may be fine for some but it’s only 20% of my capacity L. Americans will have no issues with the speed as this is reported to max out my friend’s 25/25 mbit connection.

In the end videos were on my harddrive and I got through them all with very few fast forwards (I get bored easily). I download the DVD quality videos as I had a choice between normal, high, DVD, MPEG or iPhone/iPod quality. DVD sounded good so I went for that with all the movies. I wasn’t blow away by the quality in fact I think I was expecting it to be just a notch better judging by the elegant design and crispy thumbnail previews. This is just a minor beef as the movies are nice to look at I just got my hopes up way too high. For the techies I can reveal that the resolution is 720 by 540 at a 2 Mbps bit rate. So yeah it’s all good.

he story lines of the movies were pretty sweet to watch and I can’t stop talking about how happy I am that writing is back in porn, the all gonzo stuff was simply getting too boring (watch out, that’s your next review… damn it!). I know that 2½ minutes of background story before the girl has a cock in her mouth is not staggering but I think it’s a very decent effort to create a nice illusion for us. Some are of course longer than others (she said knowingly) but that’s the average setup length from the 3 I watched.

also went through a lot of the still photos available, again I didn’t bother with the ones marked “low res” I only watched the high res ones. And by the way, I think even low band users can handle a 120kb jpeg by now don’t you? Well I do, anyways the low res pictures are not actually scaled down versions of the high res still ones, these are just the screen captures and the funny part is they are the same file size. Screw it, who wants to click a link that says “low res” anyways anymore ;). You do have photos though and you also have the option of downloading complete photo sets as .zip.

ll this going through movies and watching photos is made very easy with a simple and plain navigation system. You could argue that the blog style is boring because every site looks like that by now but I think it works very well when you have so much content to keep track of. For an episode page a lot of information is made available: Option of adding to your favorites on the site, a 5 star user rating, a synopsis, actors, view/download trailer, download movies (5 formats + 5 minute mp4 segments), photo sets, link to movies featuring actress and user reviews. That’s a lot of stuff to keep track of when you are glancing over the site and this simple white/grey and a few bright colors really does a great job of making it digestible.

The bottom line
In a way it’s just another site for the Naughty America network, but that has a negative sound to it so don’t think of it that way. Think of it more like how much candy they make from chocolate… Ok better let that one sink in. My thoughts are that IhaveaWife.com delivers the illusions it promises in a professional and easy to swallow manner. The big bonus is of course the network of sites you gain access to. You can read more about the network here if you want. I have a Wife is a solid site that is bound to be a hit with those of you who the theme appeals to. Recommended.


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