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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.85/3 days, rebills at $39.98
$29.99/30 days

Review of Cable Guys Sex:

I suppose the idea of the cable guy getting all kinds of sexual benefits from his job has replaced the old fantasy of the mailman doing MILFs on his way. I suppose it makes better sense too. Nowadays the cable gets us both television and internet and both are needed for any true porn fan out there even if you are a woman. The kind of woman who spends her free alone time surfing porn on the internet is of interest to us here, because these women take it one step further and decide to make their own porn show with guy hooking up their cable. What transpires when these women get a visit from the cable guy is all documented on the site Cable Guys Sex.

Usually I would call this type of site a reality-porn site but actually it’s just a regular story telling porn site (hey don’t knock those, I love ‘em!). The camera is a fly on the wall and in the movie it is not acknowledged that it is present so they are not trying to pass this off as events that “really took place”. Here the girls are pro and they are not shy about expressing themselves verbally to back up the story, so to speak. I like how the girls really get into on a site like this with a lot of screaming and moaning and generally taking charge, plus I have to admit to liking the corny fantasy setup.

But of course, if we disregard the classic porn setup story the site really tries to sell itself more as a hardcore video porn site in High Definition quality (HD). Now if you have any experience with HD from maybe watching the Super Bowl on a big screen HD TV set you might have very high expectations about the quality here. Well, true the quality of the videos here is good no doubt about it and the specs also reflect that; 1280 x 720 resolution and 2Mbps bitrate is a lot better than we see on most porn sites. The video is much sharper because of the resolution and motion is very fluid because of the relatively high bitrate. To call it true HD, well yeah you can do that but you still notice pixel blocks in certain situations. To avoid this better you would have to switch to a better format than .wmv though (mp4 H.264 codec perhaps) but using the mpeg4 .wmv I would say this site does a great job of delivering high quality still.

The hi-res still photos offered for every movie are also worth noting as these are very sharp and overall very professionally shot. The pictures are 1280 x 720 resolution as well and you get about 120-150 still photos per “episode”. Check the samples above for the quality, I actually think they are rather tasty overall.

So yeah I’m getting exclusive hardcore HD porn with nice still photos, still my experience isn’t as overly positive as I had imagined it would be. A few things ruin the picture of a perfect porn site here but more than anything it’s the design/layout decisions. Instead of grouping the episodes into nice packs on the site where you could enter one page and from here watch and download all pictures and videos, they have chosen to first split the episodes up into 3 chapters and decided not to link in the still photos from these pages at all. At first I wasn’t too bothered by it, but after a while I just kept thinking “why does it have to be this way?”.

The truth is, it doesn’t. Now whether it is because of an old website template this company keeps using or it’s actually because they want the site to look beefier (less overview makes it seem like more) I can’t say I just know it’s annoying. Another annoyance with the layout is that you have to start a stream (popup window) to download the clip, a direct download link would have been a lot nicer. There are also some ads at the bottom of every page that we have to put up with.

Now it’s better to end on a positive note and trust me, there is one.

This site, like so many other, is part of a network of all HD porn sites, 14 to be exact. All these sites are exclusive and they maintain the same high quality throughout the network. These sites combined cater to a lot of niches such as(s): anal sex, big tits, single girls masturbating, black girls, 18+, asian hardcore, squrting lesbians and more. Each site catering to 1 or 2 specific niches. I tried counting the movies on all the site but there was no fast way to do this, my guess is there’s around 250+ exclusive movies spread out over the network. It’s very easy by the way to skip from site to site, this is done with a dropdown menu that is always visible where you are on any given site, that’s nice.

The bottom line
This site passes on it’s own as a high quality story driven porn movie site and gains a lot of value because of the extra sites you gain access to when signing up. The annoyances such as 3 segments per movie, no .zip downloads for the pictures and a messy way or sorting the content are things that you will want to put up with eventually. Good quality and good value.


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