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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: DivX, Windows

Prices: $12.95/30 days

Review of Kiana Bound:

Some of us like our women tied up! I have never been one for the bondage fetish myself, but if I met a girl that was into it, I might be easily swayed. I think I am just too lazy for the whole fetish. First you have to tie the girl up, and then you have to do all the work as well. Thats just not me. I guess I am an underachiever! But if it comes to seeing a hot woman all bound up, I will raise a quick eyebrow to see whats up!

Kiana Bound is just that. It is a single model site, with a focus on the girl Kiana. She is a very attractive women, who just happens to be a major fetishist. Her site is focused around her not just bound, but also in other fetish situations. I like the fact that this is a dual theme site. Sure, the bigger theme is on the bondage aspect, but you also get a nice single model site to go along with it. I think the biggest plus about that is that you know you love bondage, but that doesn't mean you'll love a weekly bondage set. You might not like the girls, the style, etc. Here, you know exactly what you are getting week in and week out. Therefore, your membership value is much higher.

When you first sign into Kiana Bound, you get a site that is almost like a blog. There are entries in the middle with different sets on the left and right hand sides of the page. I am sitting here in the last week of January and seeing that Kiana has not taken down the Christmas decorations, which means either the site has not been updated, or she is as lazy as I am! I found myself mainly navigating through the top bar, which gives you a couple of options. The pictures are seperated into four different sections, which you can navigate through the top. The actual main front page is pretty useless for navigation- it is more like a blog with all the links to the relevant content being on the top bar.

The pictures are the bigger focus here with Kiana. As I mentioned, they are sectioned off into four different categories. The different categories are bondage, fetish, damsel, and special. The damsel series are pretty much things like home invasions, stuff like that. The speciality just has some special stuff, like ball gags, and one time sets. Nothing really too special, actually, but its there. The most focused section by far is the bondage section, the others are just cool little extras.

When you select a section, you get that sections sets listed with one thumbnail each. Only the bondage section has enough sets to be more than one page. I am not a huge fan of the one thumbnail preview approach, but I will let it slide a bit since this is a single model picture section we are talking about here. When you get into the gallery, you can navigate like normal, but they also have some added navigation tools. For example, go into a picture, and you will get a few thumbnails from the same set underneath it. You also get a few options on the top of the picture, but nothing worth much.

The quality of the pictures is pretty decent. They are 768x1152 from the one I am looking at, and they have adequate crispness and focus. They look good, and they are shot well. The photos are not bland at all, they do a great job selecting the pictures as well. Each set also has a good number of pictures, not too few, and not too many. All the way around, you get a great pictures section in my view.

Moving into the videos, you actually download zip files of the movies that decompress into WMVs. The video section is a little light here, with one thumbnail per movie only, and a small one at that. They do have an adequate amount of movies, and the running time is a bit longer than you see on your average picture-based site. When you view the movie, you get a pretty good quality. At 1096k, it's not the most crisp I've ever seen, but it definitely gets the job done in a decent fashion.

Kiana herself is a pretty hot woman who looks to be an Asian mixture. Very hot and sensual all the way around for Kiana! Now, the action is mainly her being bound up and things like that. There is not much "hardcore" in the sense of penetration or even seeing that much of her bottom parts. Tits are prominently on display throughout the site, but just keep this in mind, the focus is really on the binding of Kiana, versus anything else.

The site has claims to have been around since 1997, so in ten years you have to guess they'd amass a good amount of content. They have. There are like 277 total bondage sessions, however, you only have access to number 70 or so on. The rest are in archives, which they do rotate three at a time on the front page. The other sessions don't have a lot of content, and really pale in comparison to the bondage. But they are there for a little extra. There are also 58 videos on the site. Some of them are continuous, segments of a bigger video, but not that many. Overall, you do get a lot of content here for both videos and pictures.


Kiana's site is a must for any bondage fan who is into the way she looks. This is a nice, simple, non commercial look at a big fan of bondage sharing her sets with you. I enjoyed it, and I'm not much into bondage, so I'm sure you fans out there will love the site, if you love Kiana!


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