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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $9.95/3 days
$29.95/30 days

Review of Sexy Goa:

Who says porno can't teach you anything? When I saw the site Sexy Goa come up, I thought it was about a girl named Goa. Sure, I've never heard of that name before, but people are coming up with all kinds of unique names for their kids nowadays. I was just discussing this with some friends, actually. I want to name my kid something common- John, Michael, Jessica. We'll see how the wife feels about that. Goa, to my surprise, actually turns out to be India's smallest state, and a hot vacation spot renowned for it's beaches. Hey, I didn't know.. now I kind of want to Goa there!

Not only do I review porn, I also make bad jokes! Sexy Goa is a site that focuses on sexy teens going crazy in Goa. It's Girls Goaing Wild! Ok, I'll stop now, before everyone stops reading. Vacationers going crazy, never heard of that theme before! But I think when you give it an exotic backdrop, it works to a fuller extent. Some of the scenery here is really nice, I'm not sure if it's Goa or not, but it looks like a place I'd like to go to escape this harsh New England winter!

When you sign into Sexy Goa, you get a page with the latest updates. You get one thumbnail per set. They don't really focus on the girls too much in these thumbnails. For example, the one I am looking at right now is a bunch of trees. Sure, it looks nice, but we come here for the girls, and stay for the pretty backdrops, not the other way around! The right hand side of the page lists the upcoming seven updates, again with a smaller thumbnail. Under this, you will see the top rated sets, and then the "best pics" under that. The best pics is actually a cool compilation of thumbnails, roll over it, and the pic gets a bit bigger, and then you can click on it to get the full size.

The site has a primary focus on pictures. When you click into a picture set, you get a decent page that shows thumbnails across several page. When you click into a picture, after getting its full size, if you click it again, it takes you an even bigger quality.For those of you that want a hands-free experience, you can also set a slideshow, with custom slide times built in! At the bottom of this page, there are random picture sets which generate. That is kind of cool if you see something that catches your eye.

The quality of pictures on Sexy Goa is very good. When you click a thumbnail, you get a nice sized picture. If you click a link below, you can get the full size picture, which is super high resolution. I found if I brought it up bigger, it looked a little worse- but you still get a very nice picture quality here. The different sizes give you nice options, and they also do a good job with giving us some great camerawork here. The pictures are varied, and I think everything works out pretty well here.

Sexy Goa also has select videos on site. The movie page has one thumbnail per set with several sets. You can go into the set to get a few more thumbnails, and to download the video. The quality here is great, no matter which of the two options of video you choose. They are super high definition and they look awesome- almost too awesome for me, as my computer ran pretty slow when I tried to run them! With great quality comes great download size- and most of these videos run up to 1GB in size! I love quality, but when your lower quality movies are weighing in at a gig- you might want to lower your quality a bit more!

One pet peeve was that the site had more than one ad banner popping around on the site. Sure, they are for good sites (high rated here!) but still, that advertising should be left for the proper venue- not on a site we are paying for.

Sexy Goa is focused on younger women, and they do a great job with girl selection. The girls are very pretty, and very amateur looking in many cases. You won't really see too many of these girls elsewhere, and they look very natural. The fact that the backdrops are beautiful is a big plus for me as well. The action here is primarily solo material. The site isn't too softcore, but there are some sets that lean that way. Basically, if you are expecting hardcore action, don't come looking to Goa. But for some beautiful women posing themselves and looking great, Goa is the place to be!

The site is updated daily. It seems like they are updating with both picture sets and video sets, one per day. They are different from each other as well. This is a torrid pace, and it really is nice for a site like this. I always like it when the photo focused sites update daily. But throw in the videos too, and you have a lot of stuff coming at you! This helps because the site is relatively new, so with 30 or so sets in the mix- it's a big plus to get a new one daily!


Sexy Goa does a good job at mixing beautiful women, with a beautiful location! I think that their theme of girls going wild in Goa doesn't really fit- it's more like girls going mild in Goa! But I love it all the same. Get rid of the ad, and give a video quality for people who don't want their videos to be over a gig- and we'll be flying high! Still, a great site and recommended for fans of the softcore genre.


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