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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $24.99/30 days

Review of Send Ashley to College:

Have you done your good deed for the day? Walked an old lady across the street? Given a homeless man a quarter? Recycle to improve the environment? No, you haven't done it? Well, here is your chance. You can put a beautiful young girl through college! Could there be a better deed than that? Check off today, because you can do your good deed by putting Ashley through college.

Send Ashley To College is a single model site with a neat twist. The theme here is that the proceeds of the website will help Ashley's education. Now, who knows if that is the case or not, but it is a cool theme. I mean, we hear about women stripping and prostituting to make their way through college, so why not porn starin' as well? It only makes sense if you are as hot as Ashley Steel is!

When you sign into Ashley's site, you get a cool page that condenses the three most perinent parts of the site to a small area- the diary, pictures, and videos. You can check this real quick and see if something has been updated. Each of these show smaller type thumbnails, more to give you an idea of what is displayed in that particular section than to do any kind of preview.

The pictures and the videos are seperate entities here, although there is some overlap. Looking at the pictures first, you get a summary page which shows you one smaller thumbnail and set specifics. These specifics are date, type, and a comment. It will also give you how many pictures there are in the set. Some of the thumbnails are a little funky here, like they didn't use good software to create them. It doesn't affect the bigger sized pictures, however, which look really good here!

The pictures are varying sizes and they are very crisp and clear. They just did a nice job with the photography here. This is very glamourish type stuff, with a tinge more hardcore thrown in. It is also not artsy at all, which is a big plus for me. You know I don't care for the artsy stuff! The pictures section does not offer a zip download, so prepare to be clicking into a lot of stuff, because the content here is very nice, and you will want to save as much of it as possible!

Moving into the videos, you get the same setup, although it is not nearly as effective for the videos. One thumbnail doesn't really cut it here. There are some sets that are segmented, although they are not seperated in any way. The main page just lists the content together, and if something is a part two, you will know it, but they aren't grouped together. It probably helps inflate the video count a bit this way. You can download the videos right from this page.

The videos here are pretty nice videos done in the WMV format. They full screen very nicely and look good at that. I guess my only complaint about the videos would be that some of the videos are a bit darker and not as clean and crisp as I'd like. At the same time, they still look pretty good overall. I especially like the videos that aren't split by segments. The videos here are not very long- they are less than five minutes in many cases.

There is also a webcam area. However, this is not really a webcam. Instead, it is pictures taken from her webcam. Still, kinda cool bonus, but not really as cool as it would be to get live shows and the such. There is also the diary, which we already touched on- it is a very nice area, but doesn't do much for the site content wise.

I found Ashley to be a very attractive young woman. I'd put her through college ten times over. She had a certain, well, beauty to her that sets her above a lot of other girls. She has the total package- face, body, and seems somewhat intelligent on top of that! The action here is basically just solo stuff, not too hardcore on that end either. There are a few two girl sets.

At the time of review, there were probably a total of 10 or so video considering the segments. The pictures are a bit bulkier and have 17 sets. The updates come in at a decent rate, but it's either a video or a picture update every week, rarely both. Overall, the value factor here is a little low, especially considering this is ultimately a single model site.


The site has its flaws, but Ashley is a really hot girl, I like the theme, so its hard to give a recommendation either way. If you decide to join, just realize that there are some flaws here- but damn Ashley looks good enough to almost make up for them!

Pricing (aka Donations to the College Fund!)

$24.99- One Month Membership

Billing by CC Bill


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