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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: avi, wmv

Prices: $14.95/30 days
$38.85/90 days
$59.70/120 days

Review of Virtua Girl HD:

Oh man, ooooow maaaan. I’m in heaven people. As I’m writing this review I have girls stripping for me at the bottom right of my screen and they are looking amazing! Disguising my enthusiasm for this program/site is going to be very hard in this review so if serious ass-kissing makes you vomit, you might wanna either stop reading or have a bucket nearby. Erotic dancing has never been more intrusive and delightfully distracting.

I know I have to keep writing this review but let me tell you, the girls stripping for me right now are really putting me off. I’m seriously considering turning it off while writing the review, but where would the spirit be then?

Ok that’s enough, some of you might just be sitting there like giant question marks thinking “what the hell is he talking about?!?!”. Well the review covers but even though the webpage offers a huge community as well letting you browse what shows to download, you should be thinking of as a program you download that runs on your computer when you want.

What the program does is allow virtual strippers to dance for you while you are surfing/working/jerking off in front of your computer. Check out these screenshots I made while writing this review. (taking a screenshot nooow) Screenshot 1. Notice how the girl sits on my taskbar as she is shot on a blue/green-screen and therefore be overlaid onto anything. Let me try and make this next screenshot where I also have open. Screenshot 2. See it works just great, now imagine it in fluid motion…. Mmmmm. You don’t actually have to just imagine, you can download the program for free and it includes 7 free shows that you can test it out with.

When you are tired of the non-nude free trial shows, that’s when you whip out your credit card to get some action going on your screen. To get that you want you have two ways to proceed and pay for your strip shows. The fastest and surest way to get exactly what you want is to buy the shows one by one. This works through a ticket system where the tickets are the currency for the site. For example a full show including nudity and so forth usually cost 2 tickets. The site runs special all the time though so a lot of full shows are also available for just 1 ticket. Check out the ticket pricing at the bottom. Tickets are also given as a welcome bonus to members.

The second way to get more shows is to sign up as a member. A membership gives you one new show delivered to you every day. This works with a nifty thumbnail calendar system so you can track what girl’s show will arrive on which day. When I signed up I got today’s show sent to my virtual girl application right away plus welcome bonus tickets. I quickly put these tickets to use and bought a show I had my eye on from the very beginning. Right away the shows were downloaded and made available to me in my virtua girl HD application.

The most dangerous part about this whole thing by the way is, that you get so into it that you might just get obsessed collecting shows. When I was browsing the girls and reading comments made on the website made by other users I realized that VirtualGirlHD has a very active user community. Some of which have all the shows that are available, man that must have set them back a few bucks ;). I can understand why this site/program has such a loyal following though. First of all the webpage for the community is well built and the features are plenty. You can make your own blogs, write comments for the shows, setup friends contacts and pimp out your own profile with info and avatars. The fun doesn’t just stop with the shows, it actually continues in a nice adult community where the users appreciate the girls and their strip/dance shows. I was very much impressed.

Getting back to the actual program there are a lot of nifty features in the program itself. My favorite has to be the fact that you can just left-click the girl as she dances and she then switching from right-corner to full screen-mode. I received full access to all shows and so sometimes I took a time-out to enjoy a specific show by clicking it. It looks like this: screenshot 3.

Other nice features include being able to set transparency level, adjust the size of the show, filter the shows by nudity/sexual levels. You can also choose where on the screen the show should appear or even make it random, kind of a surprise if you will. There are some presets available for all this, but they seem kinda superfluous.

Everything works automatically when it comes to getting the shows. When you open up the program it checks out if you are a member and if so, if it’s time to download the show of the day. If you have just bought a show it will start to download that and immediately after make it available in your collection, it really works. Once a show is in your collection you also have access to a photo shoot of the girl plus some behind the scenes videos, this is all good stuff as well.

Besides have a few minor setbacks when installing the program on Vista everything ran smooth from there. I read that a few others had a weird things happen during or right after install but the technical staff on the page are very active and help out with everything. Also the staff always keep people informed if anything is not running smoothly, just to let us know they are on it.

I want to end off by commenting on just how great the shows are. First of all, the girls are all very beautiful and it’s obvious that not just any girl can be a VirtuaGirl. The shows are very erotic and teasing the girls give their all to make the whole thing seem like a very intimate situation featuring only you and her. Throughout all the shows variety is the key. A ton of uniforms are used and there is everything from a maid uniforms to stewardess outfits. I must say that the level of quality the producers are keeping with girls and how they vary each show by themes and such is very commendable.

The bottom line
You have to try this to believe it, it’s almost too good to be true. Of course it doesn’t come for free and you might just find yourself wanting to spend your entire month’s paycheck here. Still the prices are reasonable, the application is awesome, the shows a jaw droppingly impressive and the community is amazing. Nothing but thumbs up here in fact I’m going to mail the webmasters there and see if they won’t throw in a few free credits for this review. Go check this shit out!


2€ Credit your account with 1 ticket
5€ Credit your account with 3 tickets
10€ Credit your account with 7 tickets
25€ Credit your account with 20 tickets
50€ Credit your account with 50 tickets

9.95€ 6 months complete membership for 9.95€ per month (59.70€)
Welcome Bonus: 10 free tickets

12.95€ 3 months complete membership for 12.95€ per month (38.85€)
Welcome Bonus: 5 free tickets

14.95€ 1 month complete membership for 14.95€ per month
Welcome Bonus: 2 free tickets

Credit card billing by Paycom / Phone/sms payment system is also available.


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