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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.95/3 days
$29.95/30 days

Review of Moms Pleasures:

I'm running out of juice for these MILF sites. I am not talking about the joy juice or as some may say, the man spittle. I just have done so many I'm not sure how to open here. I know that we are all looking at the mom next door. Even the hardest young girl freak can occasionally imagine what it would be like with Mrs. Brooks down the hall. So we see lots of sites filled with Mrs. Brooks, Mrs. Dangler, and all your other fun mothers!

Moms Pleasures is another site along those lines. I will first say I like to draw a line in the sand between "milf" sites and "mature" sites. Milf sites are commonly aimed at a more general audience. The type of people who watch all kinds of porn, and say milf all day long. The mature sites are more geared towards those who have a specific fetish for older women, and the age ranges of these sites is usually a bit higher. Moms Pleasures is what I would consider a MILF site. That said, it has some considerable tougher competition to go against, so we'll see how it does.

When you first sign into Moms Pleasures, the main page features the upcoming set. There is one larger picture and five more thumbnails. Each of these shows action from the set, with a few trying to highlight how the girl looks. The weirdo thing about this site is that it highlights the content not even available yet. To see the stuff you can actually download, you have to go to the topbar and navigate. I thought this was kind of funny, because as a member, I'd rather sign in every Tuesday and get my new set. Overall, a very simplistic design that gives you plenty of preview but not a lot of snazz and snap.

Moving into the videos, the one thing I really respect is the fact that they acknowledge that not all of their content is exclusive. It would be silly not to, really, but many sites try to cover that up. Moms Pleasures does not, instead they embrace it and if you want you can split the site into exclusive and non exclusive. That is pretty cool. The videos page, whichever way you go, gives you one thumbnail per set. The thumbnail probably isn't the best in showing off the content. In some, you can't even see the faces of the women. Clicking into the sets, you get a better picture painted. Each set has several segments and each segment has a thumbnail on this page. You can begin to get a feel for what the content of some of the sets looks like through here.

Now don't let me scare you with all this segment talk- you can download the full movie as well. Either way, you get two options- you can stream it in the browser or you can download the movie. There are no quality options here, it is all done in one quality. The quality here is pretty great. You can full screen without much of a problem and having it look good. It wasn't quite as vivid as I would have liked, but nonetheless you get a nice quality video here.

The pictures section has completely exclusive content. The pictures are quite good throughout. You can get them in medium and full, and either way, they look great. They have a crisp, clear quality to them. They look great, they aren't overdone, and they add another dimension both to the videos and there are some independent shots. Really, what more could you want? Nice all around on the pictures.

There is also a Tips and Tricks section to the site, which is useless. It's basically a combination of lame ass comments "download videos so you can watch them when you are not hooked up to the internet" and ads.

I thought one of the weaknesses of Moms Pleasures was the women. I'm not usually tough on the women for a site, but this was kind of a vanilla bunch. They were decent looking throughout, but just nothing that really stood out for me. The same can be said of the action and the site in general. I think one of the biggest weaknesses is it is kind of bland, and the Moms Pleasures theme doesn't go too far here. They could have used it much more effectively.

At the time of review, there were a total of 15 exclusive videos and 21 non-exclusive videos, and 15 picture sets. Overall, that is a little light on content but still acceptable. There are no bonus sites and nothing really else much here except for the content. The only thing date stamped is the upcoming update, but that leads me to believe they update every week, but you really can't tell.


I thought this site was ok- but definitely not near the top rung of milf sites. The pluses are the great quality, good honesty, nice pictures, and the biggest is probably the trial. I would recommend based on the trial pricing only.


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