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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI

Prices: Limited Trial: $12.95/7 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$54.95/90 days

Review of Public Nude Sluts:

There is something neat about seeing a girl naked in the public. Sure, lots of women can show themselves off in the bedroom- we'll never see it. That is for their husbands/boyfriends eyes only! But if they are out in the open, it is fair game for everyone! I think that is why we like to see girls who are naked in public. It's naughty yet something we can all relate to. Walking through the park, and out of nowhere, look at the boobies! I like that idea, I think I am going to go for a walk in the park now.

Public Nude Sluts is a site about girls being nude and sometimes masturbating in public. How come I never see this when I go outside? Maybe I spend too much time in front of the computer- or maybe I am just not lucky. Either way, these girls go out of their way to show you their goods. Let me first say that when I saw this site, I thought it'd be completely lame. The total unoriginality of the name led me to believe this would be a heap. I have to say, I was wrong. This is actually a respectible site, and the theme behind it helps that along.

When you first sign into Public Nude Sluts, you see a lot of text. Usually, I like to see lots of thumbnails and pictures, but I have to say that they did a good job here. The reason this is different is because they use the text to describe the areas of the site and the philosophy of the sets in very good detail. It also serves as sort of an instruction for the site. Of course, if you are like I normally am, and just want to see the titties, there is a way to hide this for your next visit. Man, these guys are winning big time brownie points from me already with intelligence of design.

Underneath this, you get some smaller thumbnails of the most popular rated sets of pictures and videos. The thumbnail is kind of small, and in some cases doesn't really showcase the woman at all. You have the options to check out the videos or the pictures, and you can also see the top 50 listed. You can also check out the girls personal pages by their profile, or you can see a category breakdown of the site. The categories are public piss, public nude outdoor, public nude indoor, public masturbation, public group piss, public group nude, and backstage. The most popular section by far is the public nude outdoor section. If you go into other sections, you also have the opportunity to click the category link and see all the photos/videos from that category as well. The same applies by clicking a models name I like the integration here!

When you go into a picture set, you are given a page with a ton of thumbnails. They are all pretty small but still represent their respective picture well. I like that all of the thumbnails are on one page, it makes the page bigger but not unbearable at all. You have the option of 1050x1400 pictures, or 768x1024. This varied a bit between different sets, but still roundabout. Both qualities look great! The photography here is awesome! Very crystal clear photography! This is very professional, but not too artsy at the same time. It was perfect for me!

The site is very well balanced between video/picture. The videos really stand up as great product as well. Furthermore, they don't put a particular emphasis on either side. They treat both with respect and have good qualities and put a lot of time into both. Now, I will say that the videos are not super quality- however, they are definitely acceptable. Most of the videos are short clips, a couple of minutes and thats about it. Imagine your typical video section for a picture site, it's pretty close to what you get here.

I thought the girls on Public Nude Sluts were definitely above average as well. There are some really hot looking women on here. Some of them are more made up than on your typical girl- but overall, these are definitely girls you would look twice if you saw them naked in the public. I also like the backdrops of these sets- nice touches on the photography aspect here.

This site is updated every day except for Sunday, with alternating video and picture updates. There is a ton of content on here already, and every day it grows! I would say that this is very nice for quantity hounds as well as quality hounds!


I will sing the praises of Public Nude Sluts- they did a very nice job overall with the site, and at the same time making it a top in the genre. With good updates and a trial, I recommend looking into this for picture fans especially, and the videos are a nice bonus as well!


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