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Review of Sizzling Sirens:

I like girls that are sizzling. I was just at the mall yesterday, and I saw a girl who I thought was absolutely hot. She was working at one of those stupid kiosks in the middle of the mall. Even worse, she was wearing a really short skirt here. She had the most beautiful legs I think I have ever seen. I really wanted to talk to her, but her wares were not what I was interested in, and I just couldn't think of an opening line. Instead, I just walked on by and whined about it on the internet!

Sizzling Sirens is a site with a focus on high definition quality, and also on beautiful women. I really like pretty women obviously. What I really like is when they take an HD site and utilize the most beautiful women. That is what I really liked about Sizzling Sirens. I think the idea of beautiful women being shown in high quality really is the best of both worlds. Some sites are gritty and grimy and sometimes HD wouldn't really fit the theme as much. With pretty Sizzling Sirens, you get beautiful women and HD quality- a double-strike of fun!

When you sign into Sizzling Sirens, you will see that they think big. Ever go to the library and accidentally pick up one of the large-print novels? That is what I thought when I came onto the site here. Everything is freakin huge! The buttons are huge, the previews are huge, and the girls on here might make something else huge. Sometimes bigger is better, and I have to admit, the clearness of the previews along with the size made them very nice on the eyes. However, on the flipside, it took a lot of scrolling up and down to go through everything, just due to the huge size! Overall, it was unique in design, and I'll leave it at that!

Clicking into the videos section, the theme of big does not go away. Hell, even some of the text is big on here. You have video options! You can either stream or download video in four qualitys- low, medium, dvd, and hd. These are all WMV files. There are no segments or anything like that, just full video downloads. The previews are limited to four thumbnails and the bigger set picture. Very clear, very awesome previews will give you a nice idea of what the girls look like. The four different thumbnails are different poses that form a nice idea of how a set is going to go.

Moving onto quality, when you give something the "HD" Tag, you better hope you can live up to it. Here, the site absolutely does. The videos are absolutely gorgeous at full screen and small screen, they are very crisp and clear, among the best I've seen. HD does it again folks!

The pictures on the site are equally as impressive. Funny thing, clicking either the video button or the pictures button takes you to the exact same page. Why even bother with two buttons? Anyway, underneath the videos you'll see thumbnails for the pictures. The pictures are done with the same high quality that we see in the rest of the site. They are awesome! Sometimes they are a little pixely around the edges, but still very good. At the same time, I think this is definitely more video focused given the options for the videos versus the options for the pictures.

As I've mentioned, the women here are beautiful. They are not amateur looking at all. They are all beautiful, model-quality women who are made up quite a bit in their quest to bring you to orgasm. The action here is mainly solo action, however, it does get hardcore with toys and fingers and whatnot. But these are only solo single model sets. This is treated high quality all the way through, from the beginning to the end encompassing all elements!

At the time of the review, there were 8 total sets of content. All of the sets are marked "recently updated" but there are no dates anywhere and no promise of any type of update schedule. I guess that would be my biggest issue with the site. Sure, its great, but they use the HD as an excuse to not have much of a theme or an update schedule! In the end I think other networks will have a bit more to offer.

There are some bonus sites here with Sizzling Sirens. They are: Two Hole Crammers, Hard N Dirty, Chicks Love Chicks, Feet Pumpers, Sweet Fresh Tails, Meat Melons, Spicy Matures, and Dames With Dicks. All sites are comparable in quality and content.


Overall, everything here is great. I consider it part of a network, not a standalone site in a network. I think if you combine all the network sites together, you have one cool site. But as it stands, the content level here is very low despite the quality being high. So if you are checking it out, do it for the whole network, not just this.


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