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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$69.95/90 days

Review of karups Personal Collection:

This site is huge picture site that has been around for quite some time and has made a pretty big name for itself. Karupspc (Karups Personal Collection) claim to offer you 500.000 pictures here, and after having browsed for about 30 minutes I really don't see why I should doubt that. After I joined I couldn't help but chewing on this line at the top:

"This site was built with 100% Member Satisfaction in mind, so please send in your comments and suggestions so we can help make this the #1 source for your every preference!"

A nice catchy statement, let's investigate this further.....

Indeed I don't have a finger to put on the pictures here. All the pictures are of high quality, they are sharp and all the girls appear to all be good looking (maybe I was drunk that night), no seriously rarely do you see this big a collection of such high quality it kind of blows you away. The fact that the site has managed to combine both high quality single girl shots with high quality hardcore material is also a rare but very welcomed sight.

Now as if this wasn't enough Karupspc really does go a way to bring you something extra. All the movie feeds here seem to all be leased, though one section is called Private section it is actually the feeds actually belong to company Private (a bit confusing but still nice). Also to bring you even more high quality pictures they give you access to and other live chat features. Here you should note that these chat features belong to CEN and are free to any webmaster to direct to, this is a bit of a hoax.

The updates are frequent and large quantities get added each time. The pictures are what makes karupspc an outstanding and terefic site, it is not the extra material they offer. And even if they do put some adds at the bottom of their members page it never gets too much and navigation is quite pleasant.

This is one of my favorite sites and probably will be for a long time, only because of the very nice pictures here. The girls are fine, it's sharp, it's softcore and hardcore and there is tons of it, plus it's updated frequently. If you are out looking for a porn site, this one will certainly not let you down.

Revisit update 3rd of June, 2004
I haven't gone to karupspc for a while now. There was a time when I kept renewing my membership but eventually the site got a bit monotonous to me. What I mean by that is that every picture set started to look the same as all the others and the same with the movies. After a nice long break from this site it was nice to come back though to see that it's still going strong. The updates are still as regular and the content has grown to an absolute monster of a site. Both the picture and video quality has been improved over time, especially the videos but because karupspc has the commendable policy of keeping their content online you will find pictures dating back to 1998 and when you go that far back in internet history you know the quality is very much sub par compared to the present's standards.

Karupspc still is the ultimate playground for porn collectors because you simply get lost in the massive quantity of videos and pictures. What I would like to day is for some of the older content, let's say that which is 3 years or older, gets separated from the rest as some of the photos you find that are 6-7 years old look like you are watching it on a C64. But kudos on keeping everything online it's an awesome value buy and enough to suffocate any porn collecter!

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Movie albums list A movie album A photo album


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