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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash

Review of Pussy Man:

Some people think the pussy is repulsive. I don't know how some people can have that problem. I think it is just like food. Sometimes, you get exposed to some bad meat, and you stay away from that meat for a while. I think pussy is about the same. Sometimes you get some bad shit, and you stay away for a while. But a true Pussyman knows that there is no reason to stay away from such a delicacy- simply find one more pleasing!

Pussyman is actually a video series available in stores. Well, not a series, but more like a guy with several series. This is the type of stuff you can go buy in stores. That doesn't neccesarily make it a bad site- some of my favorite sites have stuff available commercially- I just opt to download it and watch it at home. It works out for both parties- they breathe new life into older videos, and I have lots of porn. With that said, lets see how Pussyman's offering to the web world is!

When you sign into Pussyman, you get a listing of all of the series of porn he did, as well as a flash "video of the day" on the right hand side. Not bad. Underneath this, you get face thumbnails of different girls from different videos. Clicking them, naturally, will take you to a scene. Underneath this you can drop down and select between series, or models. Overall, this is a pretty decent, simple little design for the site. You can get what you need, it looks decent, and its just a good introduction page.

When I say series, the site is split into the different porn series. You can guess the genre from most of the names, so I will just list them- Large Luscious Pussy Lips, Facesitting Fanatics, Bad Black Girls, Asian Assault, Big Tit Paradise, Latin Fever, Teenland, Amateur Home Video, Decadent Divas, Butt Babes, and Foot Files. I actually think I might have a Decadent Divas DVD around here somewhere, it sounds familiar.

Clicking into a series, you will get a listing of all of the sets from that series. Some have a few, some only a couple, but not many have what I would consider a huge amount. You get five thumbnails for each set, including the one that shows the girls face. The previews are acceptable. The descriptions are kind of cheesy because a good portion of them are talking about joining the site Pussyman.com. Well, if I'm a member, I already joined! Just seems like laziness not switching these over between the previews and the actual site, or at least getting rid of that one line.

The videos are a little different than most sites. This time, different kind of is bad, to me at least. That is because these are flash videos that stream. First off, the streaming is pretty poor, and I am watching at a non-peak hour. The audio and video can be very choppy at time. The actual picture looks good- I definitely wouldn't have a problem with the quality on, say, a leased site. But when we pay I have different standards. The second problem I had here is that the video was not fast-forwardable. So even when I tried to watch a scene, I was stuck watching all the beginning bullshit I hate. A few of the videos have two segments, but even that wasn't enough for me. And finally, I love porn, and I love to have it on my hard drive. No downloading really sucked for me.

The pictures section consist of fair to terrible pictures. I think on some sets the phoned it in, and other ones are pretty decent. However, the pictures don't come close to making up for anything. Instead, they are just kind of there. I don't think anyone is going to sign up for this site based on pictures- its a site based around video series.

When you see a site like this, you expect all kinds of crazy content. Well, not here. I think each section, at most, had a couple of dvds worth of scenes. The most I saw had 12 scenes. This would be decent for a regular, original site, but I was just expecting more out of this.


The Pussyman looks to have some very good, excellent video series. I'd probably rent the DVD. But the killer here was no downloads, and flash videos. It just screams bush league to me. It'd be a stretch recommending this at all.


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$24.95 30 Day Membership
$39.95 60 Day Membership

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