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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $17.95/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $39.95
$49.95/90 days
$95.40/365 days

Review of Porn Stars Like it Big:

You know I always suspected it, even though through countless interviews I've heard producers say that a big cock isn't as important as keeping it hard. Bullshit! Pornstar chicks like it big and this site is the evidence (actually I think it's just a sales gimmic but let's go with it!). Actually even the reference is to big cocks it might as well be seen from the male point of view as this site only features well stacked women. No petite, less is more bullshit regarding the rack, no it's straight up big pairs or nothing at all. Now don't start thinking this is an out there huge-cock site, it's more of a gimmick to sell you on bigtitted pornstar women getting fucked. It all works for me here. You like big tits and hardcore porn? Do read on....

Porn Stars Like it Big is yet another addition to the incredible network that has found a huge niche to hang it's hat on; Big boobs! Who can turn big boobs and hardcore sex scenes galore, you caught me, I'm downloading big time already but I'll try and stay objective.

The insane thing here is not that this site on it's own is already pretty damn nice, no what is really going to shock you is the bonus sites that accompany it and that you gain full access to. Suffice to say, if you like the racks and hardcore combo you can now say hello to 1200 exclusive videos ripe for the download. The whole network prouds itself on being ”The Worlds Best Porn Site”, that's definately up for discussion but I can't rule out that it's in the runnings. I'll have a more detailed review up that will brush on every bonus site here but as of now you gain access to 16 exclusive sites all showcasing hardcore/big tits video and this amounts to about 1200 videos. The quality, download options and update frequency is the same on all sites as described for this site;

Everything for is pretty much done right. You have everything that you have to demand from a porn site. You have Downloadable videos (unrestricted and unprotected) in segments (5 or 1 minute) or full episode download. You have still photos in high'ish quality and screen captures (if you for some reason like to look at those). You can also stream the video right away, read and write comments on every episode and rate using a scale from 1-10. Overall I can't really think of anything missing.

The one thing to comment on is the quality of the videos. Sure the resolution is a cozy 640 by 480 at 2000 kbps but the picture can look a tad washed. However considering that one single video is usually around 40 minutes duration and around 500MB I think they've landed on a nice quality level. Any higher and we were looking at Gbs per vid. The quality is definately decent but it's nothing to brag about, good for porn but not HD lovers.

The still pictures are pretty much the same, here they settled on a 600x900 resolution and they are certainly not shy about clicking the camera. An episode contains around 700 still photos, talk about your busy beaver of a photographer. So yeah you can't expect every shot to be a winner as they clearly do no filter the photos they put online which is great because there's some great moments in time caught in these photos that you just don't notice on video. With this many pictures per set it's definately a perk that a .zip file download option is available in case you want to expand your collection, but let's face you're probably going for the vids ;).

With such a massive amount of exclusive sites to this network it's no surprise that this site as well as all the 15 others, is updated once every week with a new ”episode”. Honestly what else should I call it, a new update? Well actually there is a little story to each ”update/episode” but it's not much. One example that I'm looking at right now is a woman calling her pool service because her jacuzi ins't running. She is desperate for help and will do anything to get it, as she says on the phone. Before you know it a well hung guy in shades pops up ready to assist, just not untill he has secretly checked her out from a far for a while. So yeah it's porn set-ups as we all know an love em. Ow by the way, this girl got real giggly when he whipped out a big cock ”Ow wow, you're huge!”, haha this is priceless stuff.

The Bottom Line:
If you like big tits and hardcore sex with no other particular micro niche needed then this site along with it's 15 bonus sites will not let you down and that is the bottom line. The whole network is incredible and this site can also certainly stand on it's own. I had recommend this site big time if you like what you hear, honestly the only thing that is a pain is the extremly long site name. This is one of those rare occasions where it might be a good idea to consider the 1 year membership right off the bat as you'll have 16 new exclusive videos every week.


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