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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $4.95/2 days
$29.95/30 days
$74.95/90 days

Review of Mask TV:

It's just a few days ago that I finished a review of a site that is produced by the sample people that are the creators of this Mask TV site. That site was and I was less enthused about that site because it was an utter bore, with they had a chance to redeem themselves and they took it, because this site isn't boring it's actually a lot of fun and certainly differs from your average cookie cutter porn site, let's have a look.

My very first thought about this site was that I had seen this setup before on the site where guys apply to get on a mask and fuck pornstars anonymously. The comparison isn't that far fetched at all but this site, MaskTV, takes this interactivity with the members a bit further helping them indulge in very specific sex fantasies in exchange for being allowed to film it all and make it available for other members of course. Also instead of just making the actual fantasy available this site surprisingly offers extra juicy tidbits in the form of extra bonus movies. These movies include: Behind the scenes, pre-interview, post-interview and producer comments. This bonus footage, to me, is really what set this site apart from any other site like it.

To give you an idea of how the fantasies come about and what they can be about here are a few excerpts from the fantasies in the members area:

“Shawn wrote into MaskTV fantasizing about seducing the hot young secretary at his office during business hours. For Shawn, it's all about the sexy stockings. We brought in petite toned brunette Mandy More and the chemistry between her and Shawn is absolutely incredible! “

“Kris and Sara are a young webcam couple who had always wanted to shoot a porn video together, so when they wrote into MaskTV with a fantasy where Sara rapes Kris while he's helplessly tied to a medical table, we knew you'd go wild for this one! “

Woody Hardmann wrote into MaskTV with a naughty fantasy loosely based on the popular 80's TV sitcom, "Three’s Company." In this version, Woody comes home to find his roommates in the midst of some girl-girl fun and gets invited in on all the action!”

As you can tell it's basically the member's own “playboy letters” that get a chance to come to life and this idea is really good exactly because the fantasies get that amateur feel with the participating members. I dig the whole setup a lot, actually I'm crazy about it and if I was in the US I might even consider writing a fantasy in hopes of being able to live it out with a couple of hot models, still I'll just be content with watching what my fellow pervs have come up with.

So the setup is great, the interaction is always a nice touch, heck even the execution of the fantasies are awesome and the bonus material rocks. What doesn't rock is the quality of the video that you'll have to suffer through to experience a fantasy, and I do mean suffer. I admit that I got my hopes up after seing this posted on the free tour of the site: High Definition! All of our fantasies are now filmed in High Defintion and well as all of our picture content.” Admittedly they do not promise me that the video files I download will be HD but can you blame me for getting my hopes up for at least GOOD quality?... I didn't think so.

So no, the videos are not HD in fact out of the 24 fantasies available only one is even shot in HD so far. Even this fantasy's quality outright sux and watching from beginning to end might cause eye damage. The resolution is 320x240 (I think this was a high resolution on the Internet 7 years ago and with a bitrate of 382 kbps the nostalgia will just come flowing back to you. To me it was straight up torture having to watch extremely blocky and choppy video and it almost ripped all the joy of these otherwise well produced fantasies. The photos are decent to look at and they are also kind of cool in the way that everyone is photographed as they get ready to live out the fantasy. When you combine the photos and the bonus video it's like each “episode” is a little porn documentary.

The makes claim to being the original reality-porn site since 1998. Maybe the content gets pruned every now and then because an archive of only 24 episodes after almost 10 years seems rather light, still I wonder how poor quality older content could really have been compared to what we are offered today. Also when I logged in today the next update was scheduled in 32 days, this also flabbergasted me, why would I want to stick around here? Well an argument in favor of sticking around would be the bonus sites:,, and The problem with these bonus is that they suffer from the same poor level of quality, all of them making the whole package feel like a time machine that can take you 7-8 years back in time. I'm not gonna hide it, I think this horrible quality is a rip off and I haven't seen anything like this in the past 2 years.

There's other stuff to do though. On the very impersonal and cookie cutter “complete access”-members area you are given an abundance of opportunities to spend some more money. You can buy various merchandise, visit the toy store, the pharmacy, buy some videos on demand or buy DVDs (members get 15% off). There is also a forum that one would think would sizzling with activity since the site has been operational for almost 10 years, well sadly the activity is close to none and the little activity there is seems to be from one employee of the site.

I was a bit surprised about this site as the setup seemed very original and some other review sites actually spoke extremely positive about (none of them seemed to mention the quality though, how weird). I can only agree that the ideas are fun and original but that's about it. There is no apparent interactivity and the quality of the videos is horrible. You are likely to never see an update if you just stay for a month, and honestly I don't see why you would stay longer and $30 for a one month membership with 23 functional fantasies at low quality seems a bit of a stretch as well. Despite the original idea of the site I find it hard to give it a recommendation, simply because I couldn't bare watching the videos myself.


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