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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: DivX

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$99.95/180 days
$150.00/365 days

Review of FM Teens: is softcore/photographer/teen-site that is run by the same people that run hegre-archives and This is pretty much a guarantee for excellent photography work on both the picture and movie end of the content but exactly what photographer they are using for this work I can't say as no names are mentioned. I guess that's not really important either, what is important for you to know is that this site is strictly softcore and borders glamor photography, let's say it's erotic and of course it only features 18-19 year old teen girls.

The whole site is built up around the all too familiar magazine concept where a collection of photos and videos are released as an issue with a nice magazine cover done to complete the illusion of a real life mag. Usually an issue on other sites includes just one girl, but in this case an issue always include 2 girls. These two girls will have both numerous individual photo and video sets as well sets where they are shot together. This is the whole concept of the site and that's what you get, nothing more and nothing less.

At the time of this review this whole site contained 15 issues. To give a clear picture of how much content that is an issue consists of:
19-20 photo sets

19-20 videos
In both photos and videos they alternate between single girl and two girl shoots. The videos are great quality and the photos are nice shot, however in the photos, a lot of the time I was annoyed with the girls being a bit out of focus.

When you add all the photos and videos up, you get the impressive numbers that are listed on the tour of FM-Teens; 61 hours of video and 39,300 pictures. To me that sounded like a lot, and I guess it is, but the whole site becomes so much shorter when you also mention that there are “only” 15 issues so far. I realize that each pair of teen girls have a lot of varied shots taken and that the photographers do indeed go to great length to mix up outfits and surrounds constantly. Still, $40 is starting to sound a little steep to me.

And thats really where we get down to my only real big grief about this site...The price! Charging $40 for the first month and then recur the billing at $30 is too steep for me even if this site does have a lot of great soft teen sets and I'll say that again, it's really great Eastern European content. It seems that the site used to only allow people to purchase the content on a per-issue basis, so there wasn't a big membership area to access everything all at once. This explains the price. The producers were used to each issue paying off a great to interested buyers, now they are forced to sell everything all at once because of the great competition on the net and they figure $40 is fair. I think it's too much when you consider the competition that offer a greater variety in models and even more actual content combined at prices down to $20.

Getting over the price, there is another thing that worries me a little and that is the update schedule or lack thereof. None of the issues or the sets within them, are date stamped so I cannot tell you when an issue was added or when the next one will arrive. The tour does not make any promises about this and since the members area is the most minimalistic one I have seen in a long time, you can imagine that there is no info whatsoever. The site is marketed and sold as-is only. So when you shell out the $40 you should probably not expect any updates.

I seem to have lost track of what we are all here for; the content! If you are into softcore erotica with teen girls single or in “teams” the site definitely delivers. Everything is done with such taste and variation that your senses can be in danger of overloading if this is what gets you off. The girls ooze of innocence and the delicate touching and well picked out outfits is all icing on a very erotic cake. I liked how the music in the videos was not added later, the music comes from the actual shoot where the girls are listening to music as they jerk their bodies trying to capture the mood of each song, that was different.

Still that's just the videos, the photos started letting me down more and more as I went through the issues. First I thought it was just the occasional photo here and there that was out of focus or blurry. But after a while I realized that this was actually a genuine problem with this site. Unless the models are bathed in natural light, you'll see movement shadows on almost all the pictures leading me to believe that maybe the person shooting this really isn't professional and I'm starting to doubt lighting is even set up for the photos. I was expecting a much greater attention to details in the photos but in the end I didn't find any sets really worth saving.

The bottom line:
The idea of this site is good, and I especially like how bulgy an issue is and that it features two girls. The content is highly erotic and for a teen/softcore lover with an eye for details there'll be plenty to go through. Still 40 bucks and no non-recurring option, come on, that's steep. Maybe if it was for a non-recurring option I would understand. Still if you don't mind the above average-price and you are into these niches chances are you will have a very good time here with the current 15 issues as it really adds up to a lot of content. If money is no object for you, I encourage you to check out the videos here. If you are conscious about the pricing and you, like me, was hoping for really sharp and detailed photos to boot, you might want to pass on this one.


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