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Review of Exploited Baby Sitters:

Man I love the idea of banging the baby sitter but I hate the fact that it always seems much more exciting to do so when you're not allowed to. Take me for example, the first time I ever fantasized about doing a babysitter was when I was being “sat” so what to do then?

Fast forward to now when I hire the babysitters, now is the first period I've been fantasizing women in that particular profession since then and of course, it's just as off limits now as it was then. Don't get me wrong, if I was single... Let's just stop there shall we by saying there's nothing wrong with a little fantasy and imagination, however if the latter comes up short here's a site to inspire you.

Exploited Baby Sitters is basically just another teen niche site, but with a little role playing thrown in, it always seems to make a site about ten times more interesting, doesn't it? Well that's why I joined up anyways, as it seems new and refreshing.

To introduce the site and tell you what it's all about I have daringly copy/pasted this quote from the tour page:

“My Name is Mr. Lifestyles and I run a babysitting agency. I try to be professional about things, but with all of this cute young, pussy around me, I get horny as hell! Usually, the girls do their job, but sometimes they fuck up, and when they do I'm there with my cock to deliver the punishment! “

You say cheesy, I say porn... then you say cool. Sadly my town is too small to have an actual babysitter agency otherwise I'd be at the bank applying for the loan as we speak (hey I can dream!). It seems that the girls that babysit are pretty OK with the fact that they'll have to perform lewd acts with their boss when they screw up, and that's how it should be damn it!

So we got a red thread with all these episodes in the form of a reality porn-like story. I love these types of story lines, it's how porn should be, not just: Cut to chick stripping, cut to chick giving head, cut to fucking then cut cum scene. The first movie I downloaded (I continued to download half the site by the way) was about one of the sitters that was suspected of robbing the people she sat for. To be sure the boss set up cameras all around the house to catch her. Of course she's caught grabbing some money from an envelope and so enters the Hercule Poirot of porn to grill her until she finally realizes what she has to do to keep her job and not get reported to the cops. It's a pretty standard story, but it's great porn, it's fun and hot. This is the best part of this site, the originality in the movies and the stories and setups, this will keep you curious for more and more movies.

Each movies is long and can be up to 45 minutes for just one babysitter-episode.

The quality of the videos is as it should be at a 640x480 resolution with a 1600 bitrate it makes for a good viewing experience. This is the “high” quality level but also medium and low levels are available for those with smaller connections.

The site sports such high profile teen names such as: Riley, Bree Olson and Penny Flame. Big cute names in the teen niche and this of course takes a little away from the reality experience but it doesn't change the fact that the site is packed with cuties and great (horrible) porn acting!

As the site is already packed with 60 original movies I have no beef having paid $25 for a month at all but I was a bit disappointed to realize the update frequency was only 1 new movie every 14 days. Maybe I have become too used to weekly updates to appreciate new content all together, well I won't expect it, but with only 2 new movies a month I won't be sticking around for the next one, I will, however, download all the movies in my first month and be happy.

Another thorn in the side of this otherwise excellent site, is the design/layout of the members area. It's more than just a little clumsy set up, especially navigating the few high quality photos available looks extremely weird and impossible to get an overview of. It's also disappointing to discover that the “29 bonus sites” promised on signup are all just leased feeds. I was hoping maybe some more exclusive downloadable content, but I guess I mis-read that promise. The bonus-sites page looks very messy as well by the way. It is easy to navigate the movie episodes though, and if you are feeling lucky, there MIGHT be a high quality photo set for the scene you like, but that gets trickier to find.

The Bottom Line:
The price is right for exploited baby sitters with 60 exclusive movies in good quality with a nice fantasy going. The girls are hot and the action is hardcore and very naughty with a lot of dirty talk. The updates schedule doesn't really make it worth while to stick around for more than a month and the design is raw and confusing at times. If you care little to nothing about these rugged edges though, I am very sure that you will enjoy the porn here as the movies really are a cut above what else we are seeing right now, a month membership can easily be recommended.


7 day trial: $1 (limited access)
30 day membership: $24.95
1 year membership: $99.99

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