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Review of Private Gold:

If you are into hardcore porn and have been for over 2 weeks you have already heard of Private, and if you have heard of Private, chances are you also know their brands of mags and videos called Private Gold. The gold series is supposed to be the best of the best in hardcore action and it really is. offers what is probably some of the best hardcore shots on the net, which is characteristic about all CEN (Cyber Entertainment Network) sites. All CEN sites offer good quality in pictures this is their absolute forté, and privategold is not exception. The picture content on this site could keep you busy for several months if you should try to view it all and most sets let you choose between a 1024*768 and 800*600 resolution, nice.

After having looked through a lot of hardcore pictures and a few posing shots I was ready for the videos, and this is where it gets confusing as hell. First of all the site tries it best from the minute you walk in, to get you to go to the video chats. Here they hope that you will so frustrated looking at a fully dressed girls who won't take off her clothes, that you buy some private time with the girl, which would make them a lot more money. We did not go 1on1 with the girl we chatted to, but it all seemed to run smooth while we talked to her along with all the others there that night.
We wanted some good old fashioned video feeds as well with just some hardcore sex. Indeed there is a lot of it here since they lease feeds from almost every provider there is. Although it was far too extensive to check out all the feed providers we got the general impression that they were all very medium or below quality, nothing to get excited about whatsoever. Also you get adds thrown in your face every second, so much that you can't avoid accidently hitting a wrong button and then you are in spam hell, that's not good.

All the adds on the site generally get very confusing and quite annoying at times, also some links are downright lying to you in their texts and this is a drawback.

It's a shame because they have their own content (which is shared by most other CEN sites though) and the quality of the pictures are just right, you got lots of everything and it's updated quite frequently.
You just can't help but feeling annoyed with all the adds and flashing signs, it really gets to you.


3 day trial: $2.95
1 month: $36.19

This is the best of it's kind in hardcore photos and the quality and the amounts of it, is outstanding. No doubt Privategold is one of the absolute top sites for straight up hardcore sex pictures of high quality, a 3 day trial would be a good idea if you are in doubt, because the price could be $7 cheaper recommended for hardcore pictures.

This site recently changed name to

XXXGOLD instead, no doubt this is a copyright dispute. It has had no effect on the site whatsoever though.


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