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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $2.95/2 days
$24.95/30 days
$49.95/90 days

Review of Taylor Kurtis:

When I saw a review pop up for Taylor Kurtis, I first thought, cool, a single model site, haven't done one of those in a while. My second thought was wondering if she was related to Bill Kurtis. You know, the A&E guy that narrates pretty much every show on that channel. Even though he is just the narrator, usually when I saw him at the beginning of a show, I would end up recording or watching it. He is just that good, and everything he touched seemed to be good documentary television. Well, I found Taylor was not related- but she can still touch everything good on me.

I found myself very attracted to Taylor Kurtis from the minute I logged into the site. She doesn't really have a unique look, she is just very hot. To me, at least. I'm not good at making comparisons, but the best thing I could think of was former wrestler Trish Stratus. She doesn't look like her too much, but their body styles, and the blonde thing, kind of reminded me of her. This is the type of girl who I really want to write love letters to and view every single set she has- therefore, she is a perfect single model site candidate.

When you sign into Taylor's site, you will see that it is very straightforward. However, they get me right off of the ball, because instead of a thumbnail of Taylor- they have a nice full body shot, not only that, but they faded it out a little bit- made it nice and artsy. In other words, they made the site look good. This is your basic introduction, I love being naked kind of stuff. The three main sections of the site are pictures, videos, and diary, so lets tackle them in that order!

The pictures on Taylor Kurtis are simple little galleries, taken from the videos for the most part. These are not vidcaps, however, just a select few higher quality pictures. The pictures are only 400x600, so they are nothing that is going to knock you out. They look good, just a bit on the smaller side. They also go for a more minimilist stance with the pictures- I didn't see a set over 50 photos. I love that; short and sweet, its the way to go. While not impressive, the photo section is pretty nice, and there are some nice clean shots.

The videos impressed me quite a bit more. Hitting the video section, you get the same thing as the photos section: two sets per page, five smaller thumbnails. Enough to give you a great preview, though if you are like me, you will download even if the preview is of Taylor watching Golden Girls. The videos are availble in two formats of WMV- 500k and 1000k. Both qualities of videos look great. Even the 500k looks better than some videos I've seen at higher bitrate recently. The 1000k is pretty great as well. And the file sizes are kept down nicely- please, share your secrets with others, Taylor and company! Overall I was very impressed with the video aspect of this site.

I say it a million times with single model sites, but what sells me with them is interactivity. If I want to see the same girl fucking in ten different scenes, I can just do actress-specific pornos. I want the extras! The Diary is pretty lame. If I had to make a Taylor-esque entry, heres mine for today. Went to work, saw a few hotties, came home and wrote a porn review. I tried a new toy out, it was fun! See you next week! I know, very lame. I was also disappointed you could not email her and that this lameo diary was pretty much the extent of the personal features.

I already kind of described Taylor- but let me give you what she says. "I am a natural blonde with blue eyes, about 5'5'' in height and weigh about 120 lbs." She also likes to talk about her D cup boobs. You know what? I would throw it in this girl ten times to tuesday. She is unbelievable to me, and I know tastes differ, but Taylor, baby, you do it for me. The action on the site is primarily girl on girl, solo, and toy action. There is one hardcore boy on girl set right now, but thats it. She states she doesn't like doing guys on film. Ok, baby, I'll turn the camera off then!

The site of Taylor Kurtis did not have a lot of content at the time of review. There were 11 sets of videos and pictures. That is not a whole lot of content, but it was wholly worth it to me. For those of you who might balk, while there are no dates of update, there are some bonus sites. These include Tracy Trix, Nicole Brazzle XXX, Girls on Machines, Coeds on Machines, and Machine Cam. Should be enough for a one time go around!


I thought this was a nicely done site. It could have used some Taylor-specific extras. They also don't give us update dates, and the copyright is 2006- so who knows when/if it gets updated. But with all of that, you still get some decent enough bonus sites to make up for it. I'd say, if Taylor looks good to you, check it out for sure!


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