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Review of Hip Hop Meets Porn:

My first thought when saw the name of this was “well it was bound to happen”, until I realized that that of course this isn't the first time hiphop and porn mix. Who can forget such memorable moments as Snoop Dogg's videos, Ice-t and Lil John's endorsements of porn movies, heck even Ron Jeremy did a rap and let's not forget the numerous porn models that have appeared in music videos. Well like Ice-T used to say, porn and hiphop just fit together and so gets to show us just how well.

Getting right down to it I guess I was expecting more dancing to hiphop music or even more booty shaking (isn't that what hiphop videos are all about?), however I quickly realized that this is basically just an interracial site with a few references to “da hood”. Perhaps I was expecting a more reality-type site where the hiphop music industry would be a red line throughout the storyline setups, instead it was more just a mix of white/latin/asian girls getting interviewed a bit before fucking one or more black guys. The setup is a porn studio recruiting models for a shoot so don't expect too much hiphop type role playing.

When I logged into the members area I got very excited about the content because there seemed to be a lot of it, and with 37 movies so far you can say there is. What confused me to think there were more than double as many was because the movies are listed on the page the same as photo sets and I was not successful in finding a way to only go through movies, or for that matter, just pictures. I had to notice below the set thumbnail whether it says photos or movies and more than once I got my hopes for a tasty video before click the link and realizing this girl had only done pictures (all the hottest thumbnails seemed to end like this). This was only a warning of how much of a mess this website really is and this is what counts against a website that otherwise has some interesting and out of the norm content, it's a mess.

Obviously the content for hiphopmeetsporn is shot exclusively for the site and for the two complete movies I downloaded and watched it was very hardcore and raw interracial porn. I would have loved to have been able to download all the movies they had here and watched them over time but the fact that all the movies are segmented was a fast turn off for me. I was enjoying a rather two couple anal gang bang movie but it was split into 6 segments and I kept having to open a new file. That's another weird thing, they have actually chosen to only make movies available in DivX format, that I can easily live with as I have the proper codecs installed for my media player and have no problem playing them without a specific DivX player. The weirdest part is that they have chosen to use the file extension .divx. Usually I double click .avi files (divx/xvid container format as well) and it opens in my media layer but in this case I have to tell windows that I want these type of files to be associated with Media Player. It's not a lot of work for me but it all adds to making things more complicated for the average porn surfer.

Despite these snags the quality of the videos are fair and so are the photos, they are just very annoying to navigate and everything you click on seems to open another browser window. If you are lucky enough to have a tab compatible browser you will only have to live with an abundance of open tabs though and not a sea of browsers.

There's not much more to say about this site except that it's updated weekly and I think there is a photo and a movie update every Thursday, but it might just be one of the two, I can't say for sure as nothing is date tagged and I can't figure how the sets are sorted. There are also some bonus sites that all seem to follow the interracial recipe but these are also a complete mess and I ended up clicking a lot of links that just took me to other sites to sign up for and my frustration was complete.

The bottom line
Honestly, I had a pretty bad time here in between watching some good segmented hardcore vids. I was frustrated, confused and annoyed most of the time and finally I just called it quits and wrote this review. The exclusive content combined with some extra hardcore wrinkles makes the site slightly interesting and not a complete write-off but the design and video decisions made for the site makes it a very average site that I can't really recommend signing up to.


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