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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: $12.95/30 days

Review of Anal MILF Latinas:

I've made it no secret that I am into older women. I'm not sure why exactly it is, but its just the way I am. I've grown to accept it, and take all the jokes that go along with it. Now that is not to say that I do not enjoy younger women as well. When I finally settle down, I'm sure it won't be with a 50 year old cougar. Instead, it'll probably be with someone a bit younger than me. But in the mean time, I will gladly live out my older women fantasies with joy!

When I came across Anal Milf Latinas, I was like woah, what a name. It's a little awkward, a little funny, yet completely descriptive of the site. First of all, most sites we come across don't have three genres in their name, even if they have it in their site. In this site, you get the description of the girl, the description of the age, and the description of the action all in the site name. I had a little chuckle at that. But hey, you really know what you are getting into here, and that makes it less of a joke and more of a theme. I think part of the hilarity comes from the order of the words. It would be a little less awkward as Anal Latina Milfs, but maybe that domain name was already taken.

The design of Anal Milf Latinas is a little bit lacking. This is one of the sites that makes your head spin. It starts off with the oddest shaped banner for the bonus sites I've ever seen. It's long but it fits within the confines of the frame, yet highlights four pages thinly. Moving on, you get the content. Each video is highlighted with links to the pictures page, and then thumbnails for the videos. The thumbnails are pretty decent, there are a few for each video. What I didn't like is that there were no portrait or summary bigger photos, just these little ones. Some sets gave off a better preview than others.

The videos came in WMV format. There is only one quality option here. You can download these videos right from the front page of the site. This is split into four pages, and we already talked about the effectiveness of the thumbnails. With no full video, no quality options, and only one format, there really isn't much in the way of options here. The site is definitly lacking in this regard. I hate segmented video, in this day there is no reason why every site shouldn't have full video downloads. Before I get too angry allow me to get back to the focus of the videos here.

The videos came in WMV format, and were 700k. I know that number doesn't exactly set flames off, but they were passable video. Of course, there was a lot of pixely looks here. It wasn't terrible, but it also wasn't crystal clear. Just kind of there, and nothing to really sell the site. Add in the fact that these were segmented down to two minutes, and not really all that interesting, and it really doesn't do a whole lot for me, and probably for you.

The pictures here were simply vidcaps taken from the videos. They didn't look too good or even well thought out even for vidcaps. Even vidcaps can be decent with some work, but I guess work is not what they wanted to do here.

The women here on the site are definitely latinas, but the whole milf aspect is something I question. While they don't look like teens, nothing really screamed milf or mature (i know, two different things) to me. I know an 18 year old could technically be a milf, it's kind of a twisted word. But when I see it in a porn title, I expect a little bit of age on the women. For the most part this just played like a regular latina porn. There is anal action, as advertised, but it just doesn't get all that exciting.

The one thing that I can say about the site is that it has a decent amount of quantity. With over 50 sets, there is a lot here. There are also the bonus sites of Street Fuckers, Suckers & Strange Cocks, Butts of Brazil, and Valesca's World. They all seem pretty uninteresting, with Valesca's World the only one that intrigued me in the least.


Just a paint by numbers site, nothing worth looking into here. Basically a cut and paste job with videos that, while not all over the place, are obviously not in house, and a weak theme followed up by a weak execution. There are better places to spend your hard earned money!


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