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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.95/2 days, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of Movie Room:

What's this? Nothing porn/adult/sexually explicit in the domain name, this can't be, I mean I'm absolutely flabbergasted. I had to make a bit deal about this as it was rather fun for once not having to remember some twisted spinoff of some (at times) demented porn word. So aims to be different does it? Well according to the webmaster who requested this review of their site they are trying to be different infact here's how he ended his message to me: ”Please try to not lump us together with the cookie-cutter DVD download sites. We are trying to move away from that if possible to focus more on individual movies.”. I think it's always commendable to want to think out of the box when it comes to online porn and with the whole DVD-archive niche becoming more and more saturated every month you have to bring something new to the table to make us shell out for a new one.

Let's examine wether or not it's possible not to lump this one together with the rest of the DVD download sites;

- First of all this site offers hundreds of DVD titles (700 at time of review) for download

Almost all other similar sites offer the same thing or even more given they have been around longer

- DVDs can be browsed by movies (scenes) or by DVD titles and can be seperated through niche, actresses or by the producing studio.
This is basically a must for all the sites, however a nice feature here is that you can choose ”browse DVDs” and now click on all the niches you want to, you will still only see listings for complete DVD titles, the same thing applies for ”Browse movies (scenes)”.

- Each DVD title has a descriptive review as well as each individual scene.
Very few similar sites bother to do this, I can only think of 2 on the spot.

- There is a member rating system
Oh but of course.

- You can add either a DVD title or a scene to your own personal favorites folder
Most other similar sites have the same thing, this one just happen to be exceptionally well done. It has sorting options for your folder, clearly shows if a title is a DVD or just a single scene and howering over a ”view” link will display a thumbnail from the title. I found it extremly useful and much easier to ”maintain” compared to similar systems on other sites.

- You can download a whole DVD as just ONE file.
Only seen this on one other DVD site and I must say I dig that it's available, it's a great plus.

- All scenes are available for download in 3 quality levels.
This is pretty standard for any such site. Of course this site also boasts ”True DVD quality” which at 2000 Kbps it really is and it's very nice quality indeed. The levels/speeds are: 2000 Kbps – 800 Kbps – 300 Kbps.

- Scenes are available in Ipod format as well as PSP format.
I have only seen this on one other major DVD archive site, I think this a great extra service and who doesn't wanna get their Ipod porn on?

- All scenes can be viewed in an insta-play flash player making it very fast and easy skip around in the movies.
Now hold on just one minute, I haven't seen this before on a DVD site?! Right now I gotta admit I'm really wondering why that is because it's bloody brilliant. For those of you who get easily confused by names such as Flash, imagine a built in youtube player for each individual scene, except you can skip to the end right away if you want to. It's built-in right in the page and you can view it in a small box or expand it to become much larger. This is the ultimate in streaming porn and true on-demand. No doubt about it, this part makes this site stand out from all the rest and it's a service that I frankly can't live without anymore. Niiiiice.

Ok now that we've established that this site is in many ways, just like the others, we can also conclude that it's features work are at least as good as any other comparable site and that it doesn't seem to lack any features available anywhere else, infact it throws in a few new ones. Maybe I didn't quite avoid lumping this one in with the rest, but I did what I could :)

The updates appear to be one DVD title a day which is very nice and also very standard for this type of site. So as a member, expect to see a new DVD added once a day.

The content, of course, is not exclusive in any way. These are DVD titles that you can buy in your local store on the street corner, the producers of these DVDs have simply sold off licenses to online sites so that they can offer them for download to their members. Therefore you do run the risk of running into quite a few movies that you will recognize, depending on how active you are as a porn viewer. This is true for any DVD download site.

I was unable to use my download accelerater on this site. For such large files I think supporting this is a must but I guess they don't have the bandwidth for it. This is a strike against the site as other DVD archive sites goes as far as to encourage the use of download accelerators.

The Bottom Line:
Until the next eager beaver comes along with a new idea for a similar site, this one is the most well rounded site of them all when it comes to features. I would like to mention the flash player for each scenes again, this is just fricking awesome! still has quite a way to go to compete on sheer content as other sites have more than double the amount of DVD titles available as this one has even at lower membership rates. At $29.95 a month with 700 DVDs on board and a full featured user-friendly page that gives us all we could ever wish for when it comes to our porn viewing and downloads, this one is a really good buy and if you are looking for a DVD archive site, this one comes highly recommended.


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