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Review of Darering:

Truth or dare was always a fun game. I thought it would be a really good way into some pants as well. This was back when I was a kid. Little did I know, the best way to a girls heart is having a big wallet. I know, I am being very negative right now. But hey, thats my mood today. Back to truth or dare, whenever we played, we would always slip in the somewhat sexual questions in there. It was pretty much inevitable, its really what the game is all about. Now, this is only really fun if you involve a woman. Little did I know, years late, that I would see the ultimate truth or dare game played out in a nicely done website, DareRing.

DareRing is a very unqiue, fresh site with the focus on sex games. Basically, the players are attractive women, with some games having a few guys thrown in. They play a board game which really is just a straight up sex game. There are some questions, and as the game moves on, we get more into explicit actions. Pretty cool theme if you ask me, and theres definitely not much like it on the net. There might be a little too much talking and BS and not enough action for some, but others will appreciate the fact that this site does something a little different.

When you first sign into DareRing the site begins right with the content. Each game has seven rounds, and each round is a video segment. The design here is very straightforward. You sign in, bam there is the content, and bam you can download it immediately. I like it when sites have that sort of ease of use. One thing I did not like was the thumbnailling here. The previews here are kind of weak. In many of the games, you do not even get a clear view of all of the players before you download it. I think this could have been easily fixed by just showing a group shot of all the players as a bigger picture. It wouldn't have taken up too much space, and it would do a lot more for the site. As it is, it is a very bare bones site. If I didn't download and watch the content, I probably would have thought this a lot lesser site. That one thumbnail, and maybe a little bit of a blurb, would have made this come across much better. I like simplicity, don't get me wrong, but sometimes its easy to confuse simplicity for not caring. The webmasters here obviously care a lot for the product when you see how good it is, so I think the site design should have just been expanded a bit more. If they just made it look like the free "preview" page before you join, it'd be perfect!

I already pretty much ruined the whole video setup for this site. You get all of your segment preview thumbnails on the front page, and you click one button to download. Very simple, bare bones, and easy to use. There are a few flaws however. One is the preview issue I spoke about before. The theme here lends itself to rough previews because there is so much going on, but I think my solution was a good one. At least we'd be able to get a clear view of all of the players. There is also no full video, and only quality of video to download here. These are both minuses in my book. Granted, the segments of "rounds" here are 10+ minutes long, so the full videos would be well over an hour. So I can't complain too much about that.

The quality of these WMV videos is good, but not near perfect. The videos were around 1300k, and the size was pretty big even at small screen. However, even at the smaller screen you could detect some pixelation. It wasn't completely pixeled, however. It was the kind of pixelation you see with quick movement. Either way, in porn, you are going to get quick movement, so it is going to be apparent. So needless to say, the video quality wasn't up there with the content of what was going on.

This site is all about the content. They do a good job setting up these parties, the games that are taking place. There is a lot of talking, a real lot of talking. If you pared this down to actual porn content, you'd probably have about one segment of video, if that. However, the focus here is on the game, and the fun surrounding it. If you go into the site realizing that, you will not have any problems with it. The girls are very realistic looking girls. Some are very attractive women, but they are not your typical porno sluts. Others look very amateur, like the girls in Game 7. That game is more like a nu-hippie convention, and I'm not really into that look. But it is realistic for a site like this, which added into it. And for every three unbathed ugly looking girls, there was one semi cute unbathed girl with a muffin top. I am exaggerating a little bit here, of course, but it is worth a look just because they look so much different than other porn girls.

There are no photos on the site, but at the time of review, there were a total of 12 games available on the site. That might not seem like a lot of content, but each game has 7 rounds, and the rounds can be 10-15 minutes each. So there is a lot of video here on the site, just spread into a smaller amount of "sets!" The site says they brought on a 3GB download limit per member per day. That is about two full parties according to them. There is no update schedule, and there are no bonus sites. However, there is a very enjoyable message board worth checking out for sure.


DareRing is a very good site, despite some flaws. The energy and the uniqueness of the site far outweigh its flaws, and make for a memorable, enjoyable experience. This would be perfect as a network site, but its originality stands out on its own as well. If it sounds interesting to you, it is definately worth the fun!


Reader comments:

Comment by: vompvomp Rating: 07-06-26

nice concept!
there is a bit of gay action in some videos which homophobic people might not like.

my biggest problem with this site is the lack of updates! for almost a month now there has been 12 episdoes available and no nr13 in sight!

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