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Review of PSJ 18:

Watching porn from different areas can sometimes be fun. Today we are looking at some Japanese porn. First of all, the Japanese are a little funny in what they censor and what they don't. A lot of their porn can be considered ten times more degrading than what we see over here. Yet, they often feel the need to censor any penetration and also the penises of the men. It is funny looking at it from the outside, but when you begin to learn and understand the culture, you get a better feel for why this happens.

PSJ18 is a site that gives you a taste of Japanese porn. This is a site which focuses on downloads of pre-existing, foreign-made porn. The site itself kind of gives you a taste of Japan. I guess the best way I could describe it is walking into a store in Chinatown. While the entire site is presented in a foreign manner, they try to english it up a little bit. Sometimes there are hilarious results. This description makes no sense: "In the duty of the chicken of the removal-of-the-ban girls' school student detective on black, the Otsuka is a search of the woman student who tends to be absent from a school these days at last." I can read that ten times and all I get is a headache and a chuckle out of it.

Usually I would complain about this quite a bit. However, here, I think it ads to the charm of the site. From the name of the site to the way its setup, it just feels like a slightly Englished version of a Japanese porn site. I think that is actually quite beautiful and different. As far as the site setup, it is a little different. The easiest way to get to the videos is through the sidebar. I would suggest just using the calendar on the side to navigate the site. There is a link for the uncensored only videos, if that is what you are after.

Getting into the movies page, you get the full front and back box pictures from the video. The pictures aren't that big, so you don't really get the full effect of what the video has. The following thumbnails don't do much more for you. They are small, avatar-size tidbits which show one shot from the action. You really don't get much in the way of previews here. I would say if anything, that is the biggest problem with this site. It is all about videos, yet the video previews are very weak. You really don't know what you are getting before you download a video.

Speaking of the videos, each scene is split into a downloadable segment. For some reason, the videos come zipped up. The funniest part of this, is that when you unzip it, the file size is the same. There is no compression at all from what I can see. So it is just an extra step for us, to complicate things. When you unzip, you need to download a codec pack to see the videos. When you finally go through all of these steps, you will actually get a pretty good quality video.

The videos here are in AVI format. The quality looks really good, and can be full screened without a problem. The majority of the content being presented here looks like pretty modern porn. Again, the mention the pixelation: they take the penises, and the penetration, and pretty much all of the good stuff- and pixelate it out. This is typical in Japanese porn due to their beliefs.

The stuff we see here is just a little, well, odd. I know, I shouldn't judge other cultures. But some of the porn here just had me scratching my head. Porn is supposed to make me scratch other things! Seriously, I wasn't too into the goofiness of the majority of the porn here. If it wasn't silly, it was kind of forceful. I also don't like the censorship of all of the "good stuff" on the majority of the videos.

There were a large amount of videos on here. I would say we are looking in the hundreds as far as titles, and throw in the fact that there are many scenes per title, and the amount of content is sufficient. What might be a turnoff is the fact that the site employs download limits. On the plus side, the limits are pretty high at 5 and 8 GB for the different types of memberships. The signup page says 10 MB each, hmm, wonder if they updated that up as well since they wrote the video page. The site has several movie updates per week, so the content rolls in at a nice pace as well. With some nice membership options as well, you can get it for a nice price.


I thought that the best thing about PSJ18 was that it was different. Even if you are going through asian porn sites, you usually don't get the content like this. This is truly different, and for some it might be great, for others it might be a little much. But if the Asian porn culture interests you, I'd at least take a look at this site, which has quite a lot to offer despite being a little off kilter in the design department.


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