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Review of Student Sex Parties:

I hate the characterization of everything in college being parties, fucking, and drinking. Hell, I never had that. I had study, work, and maybe giving myself a handjob thinking about the hot 40 year old in class. I guess I had more of the community college experience. Then again, if anyone made a movie about my experience, it would be pretty damn boring. So I can see why the truth is stretched quite a bit with these movies. Shit, who would pay money to see me try to finish my homework on my fifteen minute break while eating fast food near the end of a fifteen hour day? I know, it's not as great as young, hot teens screwing!

Student Sex Parties sounds like another one of the girls gone wild type of sites. It is not, however, the name still fits in with the theme. How, you might ask? Well, the site is all about younger, college kids going out and getting freaky with each other. However, this is more like straight up porn than your typical "show tits and drunk girls for fifteen minutes" type stuff. I actually prefer this type of stuff, I think the other theme is kind of cheesy. So with that in mind, lets check out some sex parties.

When you first sign into SSP, you are given a page that mainly highlights other sites done by these same people. While the sites go from good to not so good, these are not part of a network. Instead, you have to purchase each one individually. That makes this entire front page a huge ad, with a text link to the actual content. When you follow that link, you are given pages of movies. I think each page represents one movie, with each set being a scene. The thumbnailling here is actually quite good, with one bigger thumbnail and four small ones. The only problem I had here was I think the server was a little too weak to download all of these pictures. Oh well.

You download the videos straight from this page. The videos come in AVI format, only one quality, and in full video. So you don't get a lot of options here. At the top of every episode it gives you the time of the set and the size of the set. The thumbnails do a good job of showcasing the action, and look really good. There is not really much else to the video page setup, just four quick previews for you to choose from.

Let me take this time to say that I theorize that this content is not original. It looks like pre-made porno, and it is all done in a language that is not English, with English subtitles. That is why I also made the assumption that every page was a movie and every set was a scene. It sure seems to follow along those lines. Now, usually I say this is a bad thing. Here, I've never seen these videos before, and they are not bad- so I could kind of live with it!

The quality of the videos varied quite a bit. Some of the scenes are just really dark. I really had to think, what the hell were they thinking when they put these out. I mean, you can hardly see what is going on. This happens in maybe twenty percent of the videos. The rest of them are fine, and you get some nice, clear AVI's. But the ones that sucked really sucked, and the ones that were good were pretty decent. There was just no middle ground, and it was difficult to tell which ones were going to be dark and hard to see from the thumbnails.

There are no pictures here, so let's go straight to the action here. Basically, this is college aged girls and guys and sometimes girls and girls going at it. The whole "party" theme fits in with maybe a quarter of the sets, which look like smaller orgies. I think party was the wrong word to use in a few aspects, but that didn't make the content any less good, just not quite as expected. The girls here were good looking girls for the most part, and the action ran pretty well. I have no real qualms with the videos when the quality was looking good, I actually enjoyed them quite a bit.

There were twelve pages of content here, with roughly five sets per page. This gave us a lot of content to view, however, there are no timestamps or update dates. I'm guessing this is because there are no updates, and what you get here is what you get. Even with that, it's not all that bad, but in the age of huge networks, this might not be on the top of your list.


I actually enjoyed the content quite a bit. I thought the action was solid, the camerawork was ok, and the college aged orgy type theme went a long way with me. The girls didn't look like your typical pornstars, and this wasn't as cheesy as most "college" sites get. It did have its problems with the dark videos on some, and also the lack of updates and probably originality. For the most part, I would still say this is a good site, and worth checking out if you've liked what I said here.


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