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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MOV, MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.99/30 days
$69.99/90 days
$89.99/180 days

Review of Argentina Triple X - ATX:

Before joining up with Argentina Triple X, I decided to do a little research. Did you know that five different Argentines have won the Nobel Prize? If they start a category in anal, I think some more Argentines from this site will definately bring their Nobel Prize count up! Did you also know that Argentines have the highest consumption of red meat in the world? No wonder these crazy girls go after the cock like it was their only meal of the day! Welcome to Argentina, or at least the fun girls of Argentina.

Argentina Triple X is primarily a movie site. The focus is on Argentine girls, which is a theme I've never really followed before. After seeing this site, I want to look more into it, cause these are some foxy ladies! Either way, I thought this was a pretty cool idea. I am all about geographic-specific websites, I think each town should have its own porn site. But for right now, I will just take a look at what Argentina has to offer.

I first thought ATX was a site that ripped off movies that were already available. It seems to me that they have put this content out on video, but I think it was done simultaneously with the website, if not after. My first giveaway was that one of the videos began with a DVD title- a dead giveaway. Now, I don't understand the language, so trying to figure out what was what when I did a title search was a pain. I finally figured, if I can't find out anything about the video in English, I'm guessing I can't cry foul too much on the exclusivity of it all! My final conclusion is that ATX is a porn company, their name was also branded on the videos- so not so bad after all.

The videos were the first things I grabbed at. There are a lot of options presented to you here at ATX. You can download Quicktime and Ipod full videos. You can download in full MPEG format at a medium quality. You can download or stream full WMVs in three quality levels! And you can download segments in WMV if you so choose. I can't imagine them offering you any other options, this really crosses a lot of spectrums and does a good job covering all the bases. The site is basically set up by model, pick a model, see her content. For each set, there will be seven basic thumbnails which will give you a good idea of whats up. There is also a description and categories, which will give up some of what happens in the video!

The quality here is done really well at the high WMV quality. And with all of those options, if you are willing to give up a little quality for a little more hard drive space, you definately can go a bit lower on the WMVs. Actually, there is quite a big difference from the high quality (1627k) and the medium quality (677k) This really shows in the file sizes, the high quality are big files, sometimes around 500k and rarely under 300k. That is almost an entire CD for the burners out there! So you really have to make a choice, but the nice thing is that you do have a choice. At the highest quality, the videos still aren't perfect and they manage to work some pixelblur in there, which I thought was kind of weak considering the size of the videos. But still, they looked really good and I am kind of stretching here!

The videos also had subtitles. I'm not sure why they are there, because I have no audio right now. Needless to say, some might think this interrupts the porn flow a bit- it didn't bother me too much, but some guys don't need to read the screen while watching some people go at it! The thing that got me a bit more was at the end of these videos, for some reason most of them got a secondary watermark of the site address- what the fuck is that all about? The only thing I can think is that they REALLY want to advertise to the leechers, either that or maybe it was part of the original VHS/DVD video. But even then, why pop up a website address when the money shots a comin'? I don't get it!

The pictures section here was decent, but I'd like to see more done with it. I mean, you are getting some pretty exclusive, good looking girls here- why not showcase them? There is an obvious model focus with the site, so throw on some more pictures! The sets themselves are ok, but just not enough focus put into them. At least they aren't vidcaps or any garbage like that, they look good, but I think the photos section could use more umph!

The girls here, like I touched upon, were a nice attraction. I have never been to Argentina or even thought about Argentine women, but if this is them, cool beans! It's not that these girls were super hot and mind blowing. It was that they were fresh faces, and not in an amateur way. They had all the looks of the girls we see on sites all the time, they just weren't! I thought that made for an interesting change. The action here is hardcore stuff, a lot of the time there were two guys on one girl. They did get into the anal sex here almost every scene as well.

There were a total of 15 Argentine girls on the site when I reviewed it. Some of the girls had multiple sets of content within their own page. The site is updated on a weekly basis, and it seems pretty faithful at that. While there are no bonus sites per se, they do offer some downloadable commercial video ala VideoBox on the site.


Nice work here in many aspects. The word I really want to say is fresh, because thats how I felt about this site. That is what carries this site, along with a dedication to professionalism and lots of excellent options within the video pages.


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