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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

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Review of Freaks of Cock:

A lot of guys wish that they could be bigger, "down there." That is why you see all kinds of ads promoting larger penises naturally, by pill, or otherwise. I'm actually against all that. I think you are given with something, learn how to work within those boundaries. Also, there is a large contigent of women out there that just don't like super huge dicks. Sure, a lot of them like them big- but some just think they are so freakishly big they want nothing at all to do with them. They want nothing to do with the Freaks of Cock!

Freaks of Cock is a site focused on guys with large dicks- and I'm not talking well hung guys, I'm talking about freakishly large dicks on these guys. Big, huge logs of cock! The kind that you look at and think twice. "Is that real?" A lot of people are into watching dudes with gigantic horsecocks doing girls. Personally, I like my sex a little more natural. Something I could walk in and see next door, not an obvious freak of nature with a 14 inch wang. This is a cool theme, however. It's been done, but not overdone, and this site will bring the big on!

When you sign into Freaks of Cock, you immediately get hit with content. For each set, you get one bigger picture, along with four thumbnails. There are links to the pictures section and the videos section. There is also a little description, not really a meaningful one however. The previews here are sufficient to give you an idea of what you get in the sets. The site ends with some bonus sites, which are actually leased sites strategically made to look like bonus sites. They still aren't bad sites. Overall, the design here was good. It was straight to the point, designed well, and easy to use. The site was also not flooded with junk and it got everything accomplished.

The videos on Freaks of Cock have one major flaw- they don't come in a full scene form. There are only segments. That really detracts from the enjoyment of the site here. The biggest problem is the size of the segments- they are five minutes each, so there are usually around six-eight segments for each video here. That is a lot of segments, especially in this day where segmenting has started to lose popularity among webmasters. Each segment has a picture representing it on the videos page, and you can download in either WMV high or low, or MPG high or low.

For quality and size sake, I went with the WMV high option. Here you get a 1196k video which looks really good at both small and full screen. The videos are not perfect, but they are close enough that they will be acceptable for just about anybody. Overall they did a pretty good job here. The videos are shot in a professional manner, and they never get really boring or samey. I really liked everything about the videos except for the whole segmenting issue.

The pictures follow in the same line of having a really good quality to them. The coolest thing about the pictures was that they actually have kind of two sets of pictures in one set- one of more posed out, glamourous shots of the girl. Then some pictures of the video action. The pictures are independently shot and looking good. I get the vidcap feeling from the video action- although if these are vidcaps, they are done really well.

The girls on Freaks are pretty good looking girls, attractive and easy on the eyes. I've seen a majority of these girls on the net before, so they are in no way new to porn. The scenes are a mixture of interracial and regular one on one sex. The girls are all primarily white, its the guys who change in color. The action here is pretty straightforward, with a bukkake-like cumshot in some cases. I'm sure some of that is fake, and why that is even needed I dunno, but it is here.

At the time of review, there were a total of 17 sets of content. The site is supposedly updated on a weekly basis, but there is really no timestamps or anything to show when the site was last updated. There are no real bonuses, with the leased sites I described before, but nothing to really warrant a buy in addition to the regular site content.


This is a decent site- however, the segmentation hurt my enjoyment of the videos a bit. The fact that there are no timestamps also brought it down a bit- combine that with a smaller amount of content, and I would take a slight wait and see approach to this site, unless you really love huge cock.


Reader comments:

Comment by: Hewie Rating: 09-09-24

A huge cock is definately not he answer!

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