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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
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Review of Seduced by a Cougar:

Today we learn a new sexual term- a cougar. I never actually heard of it before I joined up with this site. A cougar is apparently a very attractive, very horny older woman. Hey, I prefer the term ten times over milf, which is just overplayed. And plus, the term kind of fits. I don't know how, but it does! It just sounds right! Now, I have a cougar of my own, but its a long distance thing, so hopefully soon I will be seduced by a cougar as well!

Seduced By A Cougar is a site by Naughty America. Naughty America is the leader in clean, good sex fun porn. They like to focus on properly giving it to a woman, without any of the hardcore antics a lot of the more modern video sites like to use in their videos. This site is all about younger guys getting seduced by older women! Guess what, I am completely game! The site comes in a long line of mature-focused sites by Naughty America, and those have all upheld a great quality- you can expect more of the same here as you prepare to be seduced by this site!

When you sign into the site, you first get an excellent banner, followed by the logos of the network sites here on the second tier of Naughty America. This is actually a great way of highlighting network sites in a simple, effective, and visually pleasing manner. They also go traditional at the bottom of the page, but thats a different story. You will get the latest update next, with six smaller thumbnails and one bigger thumbnail to highlight it. You will then get one thumbnail of every set on the site, followed by some more bonus sites. The design here is effective. The site does do a lot of promoting, but it is self promoting, and honestly, its adverstisements you'd really be interested in just because the site is that good and you'll be yearning for more. Overall, its a good design, simple, but the designers have a good eye for the graphical part of creating a website.

With the videos, you get lots of options. You can download WMV clips in 512k and 700k, as well as in MPG format. You can also download the full movie in the same formats, additionally in iPod and 56k format. Overall, there are some nice video options here. I would like for there to be a bit higher WMV quality, but other than that I was pleased. The sets take the same form as on the update page. The previews are sufficient enough to give you an idea of whether you will enjoy the site or not.

The quality of the videos is pretty good throughout here. You are going to definately want to go with the MPGs if you are a fan of quality. The WMVs are ok, but not really that good compared to the MPGs. Of course, the MPGs will also have a bigger file size, so there is that to contend with. The MPGs themselves are not perfect, kind of slow to FF through like MPGs usually are, and the graininess is apparent at full screen. Overall, these are good, but not great videos- pretty big in file size too.

The pictures hold up a high quality as well. They look really good, they are independently taken, and they work really well in the site. They are a nice showcase of the actual women, while still showing the action as well. The pictures aren't huge pixel wise, but they still look good. If you click on one, you get the slideshow going of the remaining pictures in the set. Overall, it works pretty well.

The women here are big breasted mature women. They are not super-mature, but they are definately in their mid to late 30's and above! If you are familiar with the other mature sites NA has produced, this doesn't change the formula a whole heckuva lot. The action is primarily one on one sex, with a few threesomes sprinkled in for fun! Overall, the site was very good in producing professional action and women here!

Naughty America has some cool extras like a message board, and a new wikipedia like site, which is actually very cool, and a very excellent feature which gives you lots of background on the site. I was a big fan of that, and reading about all the sites and models is fun! The magic number of content is currently 22, with weekly updates to bring you more and more content as time goes on!

This site is considered a part of the "Tier 2" membership, which is a newer set of sites that Naughty America has been adding into for a bit now. These sites include Housewife 1 on 1, Asian 1 on 1, Ass Masterpiece, Diary of a MILF, Neighbor Affair, and Diary of a Nanny. As with the other network, this network is focused on bringing you classy, quality porn videos!


Let this excellent site seduce you! Needless to say, another solid entry into the mature field by the experts at this- maybe not the most amateur site available, but one of the best!


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