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Review of Gals Club:

I just realized I have an affinity for skinny girls. No, not girls that aren't fat. I mean girls that are legitimately too skinny. I mean the kind where you can see ribcage. Some might say its sick, but hey, I like it. A lot of people are into a lot of different things. The funny thing is, I also like bigger girls- I guess I really am not that picky. This all has a relevance to this review, I swear! Gals Club is the site we will be visiting today!

Gals Club is a site which focuses on younger, European looking women. Gals Club is kind of cool in that you can see the personal tastes of the webmasters coming through on the site. It's not ever site where you see a funnel of cum going into a pussy. One of the bigger things the site focuses on is creampies. I guess part of being in the Gals Club is the ability to take the pregnancy shot! I personally like it on the face, but thats just me. That didn't sound right at all, come to think of it.

When you sign into the club, you jump right into the latest updates. You get the latest four with ample sized thumbnails to accompany them. The site is not huge on words- the action for the set is described in a few words generally. You also get the length of the video here, bu not much more. The thumbnails are actually quite good, and the site is satisfied letting the actual content speak for itself. This is a theme that stands throughout the entire site, as there is very little text throughout. With that said, the site works in a straightforward kind of way.

The videos are definately the focus here. The videos page will look exactly like the updates page that I described above. I mean exactly, so there is not much else to describe really. The videos come in AVI format, complete with a weird little codec that I had to download to be able to view these movies. That was a pain in the butt, actually. When I first saw this site I thought I'd be unable to review it, but then I saw the link on the top of the page instructing me to download a codec pack. It worked, but it might be something those of you leery about downloading material onto your computer might take as a negative. I personally don't like doing it either, but I gotta review for you folks!

The videos look decent and they flow pretty well. At full screen, I didn't find the videos to be as crisp as I'd like. While there was no outward pixelation or graininess or anything, I just think they could have been crisper. The video was generally good, but sometimes they seemed to keep with a certain shot for way too long. There were some cases where I would fast forward two, three minutes and see the same thing that I saw when I fast forwarded. There was also extended shots of say, some dudes face while a girl is blowing him. I don't really need to see the different facial expressions, hell, I don't need to see *my* facial expressions in that situation. Also, and I don't mean to pile up complaints here, but some of the videos looked way darker than they needed to look. Overall, not a bad quality here, but this is one aspect that little touches could do wonders for.

There is also a pictures section at the club. The pictures here lean more towards the solo masturbation route of porn. Actually, that fits the idea of pictures very well, and I like how the site can focus on this in their pictures. It makes the site more dimensional, and not to mention, focuses on some beautiful women! While the pictures section doesn't come with many bells and whistles, it is still a cool little section. The actual quality suffers some of the quirks of the videos, but on a much smaller scale.

The girls in Gals Club are pretty attractive, European looking girls. As with sites like this, there are a few girls who you will look at and wonder why they were on the site. Maybe it was a slow week for models or something. There are also some that are completely slamming hot, so don't get me wrong here. They tend to go for the younger girls. As far as action, it is not secret these guys are into creampies. While not every set is a creampie, there is definately a high ratio of them.

There is quite a bit of content on Gals Club. They feature 141 Models, 180 Photosets, and 73 video sets. The videos seem to be updated weekly, which is a pretty nice amount of updates after a while. There is also a bonus site, Private European. Seems to be about the same material, with a more amateur slant to it and less material overall.


I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy a good portion of Gals Club. I would also be lying if I said that this was a great site. It is a flawed site, but the action was varied enough, the girls were hot enough, and the content was excessive enough that I ended up enjoying this site quite a bit, it has a nice amount of personality hidden behind the simple design.


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