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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, Windows

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/2 days, rebills at $30.00
$24.95/30 days
$49.95/90 days
$95.40/365 days

Review of Latina Caliente:

I like hot, spicy foods. I also like hot, spicy women! So what is my ultimate woman, you might ask? Well, it's definately a hot, spicy woman who likes hot, spicy foods. That would be a total trip. Of course, I'm not that lucky, so I will have to settle for the average woman who likes eating gallons of ice cream at a time. I'm not bitter! But it would be nice to sometime meet a woman like the ones from Latina Caliente.

Caliente is Spanish for hot, and that is what this site is trying to be. The focus is on latina women, and they do a good job at that. I know some sites use the latina tag a lot less effectively than these folks do! The site is pure latina, pure hot porn action, and welcome along for the ride.

When you first hit the heat, you are given a banner which shows a bunch of different latina girls in different sexual positions, as well as a picture of a lowrider. Talk about a stereotype! Anyway, underneath this is a text box which highlights all of the updates to the entire network, not just to Latina Caliente. Then we get a full profile of the latest updated girl on the site, including a bigger picture of her, a longer description, and links to the photos and the videos. The subsequent sets are highlighted with much smaller thumbnails, patrial descriptions, and no real photo/video links, just one generic link to the set page. After this, you will get the banners for all of the bonus sites, as well as some leased stuff afterwards. Basically, they spend a good amount of time showcasing the bonus material that I think they should focus more on the site content. The thumnails here are good, but some look fuzzy and shitty!

The videos section is the focus here. Going into a girls page, you are given some thumbnails. These thumbnails each represent one minute segments of videos, of which you can download in MPG format in large or small. Normally on this network, there are a ton of these segments. Some of the videos on Latina Caliente are pretty small, so you only end up with fifteen or twenty of them. I know, I'm saying only fifteen or twenty- but other sets can really hit up to the fifty-sixty mark, so this here isn't as bad, but still pretty bad. Underneath these, you get WMVs you can download in five minute segments. The problem here is that they are done with DRM, so you must enter a password everytime you want to see a segment. And with the shorter videos, the segmentation is ok- but when you get into longer ones- we are again up to almost ten segments per video, and with DRM that can be even more tedious than normal.

Usually videos are encoded with DRM because they are DVD quality, and the idea is that they are keeping the quality of the videos safe with DRM. Not so here. Instead, the videos are 512k and they are average. They aren't bad videos by a longshot, but they definately aren't as good as they should be. It really is hard to go either way for these videos, I think I'd just pass altogether.

The pictures are a little awkward. Some look really good, while the thumbnails are grainy and just weird all around. Some of the pictures take on these characteristics, most do not. Still, its just a weird picture section because of this. Not bad or good, just weird, and I really wouldn't recommend it because it doesn't do a whole lot to lift the site.

The latinas here are fairly attractive, however, I think this is probably the network site with the worst female selection. This is not because I have a thing against latinas, it is simply because a lot of the girls just aren't too attractive, latina or not. This is kind of disappointing because one of the things this network has excelled at is the quality of women, despite all of the other problems we've talked about here.

This site had a total of 24 total sets of content at the time of this review. The network here has a history of good updates and good porn, so the site has that going for it. The updates seem to come network-wide, and are not really site specific from what I can gather. But they do come fast and furious, so that is good. Unfortunately, the network also has all of the negatives that this site has.

The sites in the network include Limo Patrol, Right Off The Boat, Latina Caliente, Teen Hitchhikers, Big Tit Bangers, Slut Seeker, MILF Cruiser, Big Sausage Pizza, Hardcore Partying, 2 Chicks One Dick, Cheerleader Auditions, Girls Hunting Girls, Eat My Black meat, Nude Beach House, and Eurobride Tryouts. Lots of sites, all have the same problems as this one.


Overall, some decent porn, but this even falls further off the radar for having some really short sets- and some less desirable women than its network counterparts!


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