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Review of Babelicious:

Oh my god, I'm starting to feel complete retread here. My childhood was a good time, lots of fun memories and times. But when we put the term "licious" at the end of every word imaginable, it got to be a little annoying. I'm glad that little thing has been locked away for many years. However, it seems to have found its way out of the closet somehow. First we have an extremely fuckable pop princess put it at the end of her name to create an extremely annoying song. It makes me cringe. Now we have the website Babelicious. Well, I am calling an end to all words ending in licious, right now!

Despite not liking the name, I do like the site Babelicious. Who uses the word babe anymore either? What a throwback! Babelicious is a site which focuses on hot hot models doing hot hot things to themselves and others. Basically, it is one of those throwback sites where the focus is put back more on the models than any theme that might be present, or any kind of odd reality activity they are throwing in nowadays. This is not a solo site, but a good portion of the content has only one female participant.

The front page of Babelicious is a nicely done index of all of the content on the site. They threw a lot onto the front page, but I liked it because it really showcased the site well. The first thing you get is the latest photosets. Each has a portrait thumbnail, as well as the ranking on the site and the score that members have ranked it. You get the same kind of treatment for the videos. Underneath this, you have the Babelicious Babe of the Day, highlighting one girl from the site. Then you get the top voted babes, the top voted photo sets, the top voted video sets. They obviously put a lot of emphasis on the vote here. Underneath this is a guestbook kind of thing, pretty cool but a little out of place on the bottom of the index page.

The pictures on Babelicious set the standard on how a site should run a pictures section. Your picture options are 1000, 2000, or 4000! Even at 1000, these pictures are better than most you will see. They are taken with a very awesome clearness, obviously there are some talented photographers behind the site. The pictures are simply awesome, I can't think of any other way to describe them. All the options are available, such as downloading as zips and viewing slideshows. Needless to say, I was extremely happy with the way the pictures looked. If I had to make a complaint, and yes, I do have to no matter what, its that the thumbnails were spread through a few too many pages for my taste. But I did not let that ruin this otherwise awesome looking site and excellent group of pictures.

The videos follow the same path as the pictures. Just like I said about the pictures, even their lowest quality here is better than most of the higher quality videos you see on other sites. When you hop onto the video page, you are given six thumbnails taken from the videos, and then links to download. You can do either the high or the super high quality in segments or download the entire video. Either way, you get an awesome quality video- almost flawless at full screen, and looks really nice. Again, one disadvantage: for some reason they attached some godawful shitty porn music to the videos. And they loop it! God, I have to turn the sound down- I know the name was 80's cheese, but does the music need to be the same?

Well, I sung a lot of praises for Babelicious. You might wonder, why the hell not sign up? I will give you a few, limited, reasons not to. First of all, if you are a reality porn fan, this site is not that. It is very model driven, and a focus is placed on the females and the beauty of them. There are no assholes gaped wide open here or any of that kind of noise. While there is some hardcore and this is definately not softcore by any means, you will not see any kind of extreme acts here. It really is model and member driven, which is a nice throwback like I touched upon earlier.

There is just a lot of content here. They are reaching near 400 photosets and 150 videosets. Just a lot of content to go through here. The site is updated every day of the week with a new set. They add new photosets five times a week, and new videos twice a week. This is an excellent update schedule and really enhances your value. If that wasn't enough, there are also some bonus sites attached here. I can't vouch for them too much because I am still swamped with Babelicious, but at quick glance a few didn't look as great, but they were still bonuses nonetheless: Sexy Babes TV, Babes On Film, Bikini Babes, Babes UK, Dream Babes, Euro Babes, Cummin At Ya, and Royal Boobs. Even standing alone this site is a great deal!


Babelicious is delicious. Just a great site all the way around, and I really recommend it to anyone who is a fan of this type of site- and check out that price!


1 Month Membership- $19.95

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Reader comments:

Comment by: rumpranger Rating: 13-02-07

this is the best

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