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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Special: $14.95/30 days (Reg. $24.95)
$59.95/90 days
$119.40/365 days

Review of Grandpas Fuck Teens:

I always get depressed when people who shouldn't be having sex with hot young teens are. I mean, if there is any better candidate to have sex with a hot teen, its me. I am still fairly young, I am down with all the current "lingo", and my lingus skills are pretty good. But instead there are these super old men out there with their hands all over my precious prize. It's just not fair! But hey, when I am a little bit older, I am going to be aimed to be one of these men.

Grandpas Fuck Teens is a nice new entry into the teen genre of porn. I know that teen sex always has the aura of forbidden love. But here, the aura is shattered, and its just full on forbidden love. These old bastards are getting hot slices of young ass left and right. It's actually quite a cool theme. It takes the common teen theme, and throws in a little something extra, and out pops a nice little theme which is pretty fresh while not being groundbreaking.

When you sign into Grandpas, the top of the page gives you everything you need to know about the site in text form. This is kind of cool, you can understand a lot about what the site is all about in just a few little paragraphs. Kind of like this review, but narrowed down in words! The upcoming movie is then shown, with one thumbnail of the upcoming lady. To the right of this is some news, however, there hasn't been any news in the past thirty days. Well, I guess they say the best news is no news. We are now given the three latest sets, each with a bigger portrait thumbnail and three smaller action thumbnails. Then you are given links to either watch the videos or watch photos. How you watch photos is beyond me, but anyway. Underneath this, you can see the top ten voted scenes on the site, each of these has the girls portrait thumbnail shown along with the rating. And finally, you get all of the possible network updates.

The videos are the focus, that is where we will go first. Each video has ten segments. At the end of the ten segments, you can also download a full video. Each segment has a thumbnail, so you can actually follow the progress of the videos through these thumbnails. For every video segment, including the full video, you can stream in low, medium, or high WMV or download a medium or high MPG. This variety of options really gives you a lot to choose from, and can fit any need you might have!

The quality of the videos here is great. At full screen, you get some really nice quality videos that are fun to watch on both the full screen and the small screen versions. Really, the quality of this is great. I can't say that enough, they just did a great job here and that is all there is to it! This network is known for their great quality, and it continues into the photos.

The photos here are great. They went for the professionally taken photo route. I always prefer that route myself, but a lot of sites like to just through some vidcaps up. Here, you get some awesome, full screen photo shots. While these contain much of the same action as the videos, its good to have it in picture form. This way, you can really focus in on the girls and also the grandpas. Overall, I really liked this photo section.

The girls here are pretty believable younger girls. They aren't your typical thirty year old porn stars with braces and pony tails. They are legitimate looking younger college age girls. The guys are legitimately graying grandpas as well, so the theme is stuck to really well. The action is primarily one on one, however, some sets branch out into two and three on one teen. There are a few sets where grandpa is black too. This was cool, as it threw some nice variety into the site without comprimising the theme.

The updates come in daily- in the form of segment updates. This means that instead of just adding a new entire set, a new segment for each set is added every day. I actually like it when sites update like this. Sure, it means having to wait for a hot set here and there. But at the same time, it keeps the webmasters focused, and you can see they are updating the site quite a bit when they set it up this way. As it stands currently, there are a total of 13 sets. However, the site is just starting up- and the network is awesome at keeping is up to date with porn!

The network has a very unique way of letting you in. You get access to two new sites on the network every month. This might not be as valuable as letting you in all of the sites at once, but with the quality of the sites here, it can definately be worth the wait. I just suggest joining the one that interests you the most at first, and let the other ones roll in- its worth it! Theres a total of 22 bonuses, so it's definately worth the wait!


Great site with a great theme- definately recommended as part of an excellent network (eventually!) of great sites. Just top notch through and through, I love it!


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