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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MP4, Windows

Prices: Special: $14.95/30 days (Reg. $29.95), rebills at $29.95
Limited Trial: $2.95/3 days, rebills at $29.95
$68.95/90 days
$95.40/365 days

Review of Silvia Saint:

I bet you know who Sylvie Tomčalová is. Sure, the name might not sound familiar, but when you find out what her stage name is, you will now. You see, young Sylvie from Kyjov would grow to become the object of many mens desires, the porn star known as Silvia Saint. To me, Silvia is one of the better known names in porn. Maybe it is just because I have run across her more than some, but I really think she is one of the top names out there. Now she has a website, and just like I would jump all over her, I jumped all over her website.

For those of you not familiar with Silvia, she is a very attractive blonde girl. In porn stars, sometimes we get skanky ones, sometimes we get pretty natural ones, and sometimes we get ones that will just do crazy things to their bodies. When picking a favorite, we have different criteria. Well, with Silvia, you get a porn star who truly is beautiful. She not only has a great body, and not only will give you some great porn- but she looks great while doing it. I think this really makes her stand out more than others. Her site doesn't focus on her as much as it does on her videos, which is understandable looking at this network.

The members page of Silvia Saint is kind of busy. The two latest updates are shown on the top. Underneath this there are links to network updates, the store, news, ads, and a guestbook. Overall, the front page really needs a bit of an overhaul. I'd say about 10% of the page is dedicated to the biggest focus of this site, which is the videos. There is nothing dedicated to the pictures, and basically this front page just kind of reeks. I'm not a fan of the store, I know where to go to buy Silvia Saint DVDs, and its just kind of lame to include this anywhere, but especially on the front page.

Looking into the videos, when you go into the section, you get the box covers of various DVDs that Silvia has been in. While a few of the DVDs featured here star Silvia, the majority of the videos only feature her in a scene or two. For example, there is a video named Lick My Legs. Silvia is in a very good scene, but the rest of the video has other actresses. Back to the site, click on the box cover to get to the real meat of the section. You are taken to a page with the front and the back of the video box, as well as nine big, clear thumbnails to showcase the content. You are also given some information such as the length of the scene, the size of the file, the stars, and the categories it would fall under. Click on the big "play this movie button" and you are taken to another page, this one that gives you the option to download a small version or a big version of the scene. There is also the added coolness of them calculating your average download time for the site. It doesn't do anything for you, but it's still kinda cool.

As you can see, the site has an intelligent design, while not perfect at first, it builds itself some nice previews before downloading. The quality here is also very good. The bitrate you are getting is around 2000k, and the videos look pretty darn good throughout. I did have some problems with some darkening on some of the videos. I don't know if it was just me, or if you will come across the same problem. Some of the videos just looked a little old as well, probably older than they were. Still, you get a nice quality here.

There are also a good number of picture sets on site. This is where I think Silvia really shines through. See, Silvia is a porn star- but she is also model quality material. So seeing her getting rammed full of cock is nice, but she can also excel at some nice solo nude sets. That is what happens here, and it happens well. The images are 800x1200 pixels, they look great and really showcase Silvia well.

I wouldn't really consider this a single model site, because a lot of the actual sets don't include Silvia. In fact, there are more sets of other models than of Silvia. This just happens to be a collection of videos Silvia is in. The site tried to include some extras to make this site more personable, such as a video interview and a guestbook and some writings by Silvia. I appreciate that, but the true strength of the site is really in the videos.

Silvia Saint has a lot of content. There are probably about 40 total films to choose from, each with around five scenes each. Considering what I said about Silvia, only a fraction of this includes her, which is fine. There is also close to fifty excellent photo sets, independent of the videos. The site is a little light compared to its network friends, but there is no way I am going to complain about having 200 sets of content on a page!

Included in this network are Peter North DVD, Silvia Saint, Devils Film, Silverstone DVD, Combat Zone and White Ghetto Films. Overall, this is a network of sites like this one- with downloadable DVDs and not a lot of hassle. Overall, this is excellent, and a great entry into the porn fold! I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to get a great amount of porn, albeit commercially available stuff!


This site does everything it strives to do. It is all available elsewhere, but if you like Silvia, this is a great package. It has a few minor tweaks that should be made, and if you are looking for all Silvia all the time, this isn't it. But it is a nice additional site on this network that is really shining for me.

Main members Dvd page Silvia's News
Main members Dvd page Silvia's News


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