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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG

Prices: $14.90/30 days
$25.90/60 days
$39.90/90 days

Review of Soft Sex Box:

I was taking a look at mattresses yesterday. It got me thinking, sometimes you just love something soft. The one I was looking at was very soft, very comfortable. I like softness. And sometimes in porno, we need to enjoy softness as well. Sit back, enjoy the beauty of a lady and of her enjoying herself. In so many videos we watch, the girl takes second place to the action being performed. I advise you to grab a nice cup of hot chocolate, sit back and relax with Soft Sex Box.

Soft Sex Box is a solo site with a focus on the softer side of sex. In fact, there is very little sex or porn involved here. Instead, we get a lot of dancing, showing off, and possibly some topless action here and there. There is no penetration and hell I didn't even see an unclothed vagina on this site. The site falls into the trap that a lot of softcore sites do, and that is that there is no theme other than the fact that it is a softcore site. Therefore, the videos tend to be a little unstructured.

Soft Sex Box is pretty much a one page for everything website. There is a topbar to take you to the videos and the photos page- however, 90% of the sites content is listed right here on the front page with the latest updates. The sets are listed with one big thumbnail on the left (almost a regular size picture here) with a name, update date, and video length, size, and type. The site is very much done in a broken English style, with some very notable misspellings- "lenght" for example is used througout. This is just a very simplistic site- doesn't look like a whole lot was put into it. Beyond that, I also had a problem with the dates they put on here- some are done in the style of mm/dd/yy while others are done in dd/mm/yy. I don't really have a preference either way, and to you it probably doesn't matter- it just makes it harder for me to review.

The videos on Soft Sex Box are full length MPG files. You simply click the text link on either the update or the video page to download the video. The setup of the page is the same as I described above, except there are a few more videos for you to peruse. Most of these videos are pretty small files, although they did throw a few longer videos in as well. Even those aren't really too big, however, and it leads to a pretty smooth download.

The quality, however, is what is really lacking from the videos. A lot of these just look pretty weak even at small screen. This problem is a mix of two things, one being just poor video quality, and the other being that the brightness of the videos just seems a little off. They are not dark, but I just think that they should be more vivid and beautiful. I think with a softcore site, the videos really need to be top notch because the entire concept revolves around beauty. And ultimately I think this is the sites biggest falling point.

There is not a whole lot to the pictures section- they only have about five sets here. What you do get is some decent shots at 640 x 480 pixels, but there is really nothing here to get too excited about. I will say that there are some more hardcore pictures here, with penetration of toys and stuff, but that only is a couple of pictures per set, so if you are looking for harder stuff, this still is not the site for you.

The girls on Soft Sex Box actually were very pleasing. They are european style girls, very hot and pretty original to the site. I actually really like the girl Steffi, especially looking hot in her picture sets. In the one video I went for, she was wearing 1900's granny panties- I'm not so into that. But I would like to meet her no matter her undergarments, thats for sure!

There were 34 videos at the time of review here. Now, while there were 34, some were pretty short clips- and others were parts of two part deals. So the content isn't as excessive as one might think from the number. There are no bonus sites on the site either.


The overall look and theme and weaker quality level turned me off here- the girls are adequate, but I just can't justify a membership here even at a decent price.


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