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Review of Teddy Fucker:

Ok, now I really feel pitiful. I now see that teddy bears are getting more action than me. I kind of get depressed when I see normal guys getting it on with beautiful women. But when I see teddy bears getting it on with beautiful women, that is a breaking point for me. I think I am going to grow fur and become a big teddy bear. Oh wait, I guess I already am... time to take this strategy to the bar!

Teddy Fucker is a unique site. The theme here is lesbian sex with the aide of a teddy bear wearing a strapon. I'm not making this up. The thumbnail galleries had me intrigued, so I had to check it out. I don't have a teddy bear fetish or anything, but I had to peek at this. I've always said that I am looking for good, unique porn. Well, I don't think this has been done before. Now its time to see if its good or not! This is a great wrench to throw into lesbian porn, lets see if it works now.

The front page to Teddy Fucker is basically a bunch of text links. The banner here is cool, with a nice side picture of a girl with a giant teddy bear wearing a strapon. Thats about all you see on the front page, as the rest is text. On the bottom, there is a little thumbnail for the upcoming update. Pretty weak looking front page, aside from the banner it looks like something I could create in five minutes with notepad. And I am not that talented in HTML. Throughout the site, the design doesn't get a whole lot better- very simplistic, light on previews, but easy to go through. Just very plain, I can't give the site a lot of points due to this really.

If you select the videos, you are given a page which lists them fifteen per page. There is one little thumbnail to represent the set, and that is it. Very bare bones, and underneath the thumbnail it just gives a set number. If you click on the set, you get a page of thumbnails. On the left hand side, the sets are split into two minute parts (around twelve normally) and on the right it is split into five minute segments. Either way, the videos are WMVs. These are the options throughout, and there is no full video option. The thumbnailling here is better, but still kind of small and hard to determine whether a video is download-worthy or not. The video sizes (except for the last one of course) are 13MB for the two minute clips and 32MB for the five minute clips.

The quality of the videos is 832k throughout the site. Overall, this is about a medium quality. If you bring the videos up to full screen you will definately see some pixelation and lower quality. The videos are however a quick download, and they are not terrible. Quality freaks will not be happy here, but if you can stand a slightly lower video quality, you won't be too bothered with what you are getting here.

There are also some higher quality pictures here on the site. The pictures are 1260 x 840 pixels and what this actually reminded me of was the older days a few years ago where the focus was more on the pictures. The photos are taken of the same girls as the videos, and pretty much mimic that action. I still think it is done really well though. If you are still into pictures, this is definately a high point for the site.

The girls on Teddy Fucker are attractive, European looking younger teen girls. I really liked the girls here, they were young enough that fucking teddy bears wasn't anymore sillier than it already is, and they are hot enough to make it worth the time to watch some girl fucking a teddy bear. In that aspect, the site works well. The action here is young lesbianism with the addition of the teddy bear. The teddy can be a popular character, or sometimes just a regular teddy bear. I'm sure copyright will catch up with these guys at some point. But for right now, it makes for an awesome video/picture!

At the time of review there were a total of 22 teddy fucker sets, as well as 12 additional lesbian scenes without the teddies. This is not a huge amount of content, but it is enough to warrant a membership to this unique site in my opinion. There are no bonus sites included, but it looks like the site is updated on a fairly regular basis. I am basing this on the update thumbnail on the front page not being completely outdated, but I would like it better if the sets had timestamps.


This is a fun site, a nice little distraction from the norm and the porn is good enough to hold up the silly theme. The site design could be a lot better, and the options are middle of the road. But if you are looking for something a little different, or if the theme sounds like a fetish you might enjoy- I would definately look to Teddy Fucker as a halfway decent way to spend your money.


$14.95- 3 Day Trial
$29.95- 30 Day Membership
$59.95- 90 Day Membership, non-recurring

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