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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: Yes Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: AVI, MP4, MPEG, Windows

Prices: $29.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days
$119.40/365 days

Review of Porn Pass for All:

It’s another day that review-office here and yet another all-for-one price of deals has just landed in my lap. This time its name is Doesn’t sound too original but it gets the message across. The whole deal is set up by 21sextury who produce a long line of exclusive sites and this “pass” site is just a way to access more websites for a discounted price.

Ok so with these guys it’s not standard recipe where your login info will just work on all the sites right away. The deal is that they have singled out 9 of their 20+ sites that we will gain access to when signing up. After that we receive access to 2 sites more every month we stay as member. This is of course done so that the 9 sites will make the initial sale but new sites every month will make us want to stick around a bit more. I don’t mind this type of thinking at all, if I did then I would saying that any company that does not offer it’s content as a package deal are greedy pigs. First of all I don’t think that and secondly this site gives up 10 from the get-go. Granted, the monthly price is $9 more than a monthly membership would cost if you only signed up for one of the sites, but it’s still a matter of how much porn you need or want.

The sites you initially will have access for are: (pending review) (pending review) (pending review)

Let’s go over that list and see what type of sites we got then. It seems we have 2 hardcore boy/girl sites in and Then we have 2 lesbian sites in and The rest are basically just softcore girls masturbating with a twist on 2 of the sites where the girls use tools and stuff to spread their pussys and stuff.

Overall these are all GREAT sites no doubt about that I just think that from the get-go the niches could have been more evenly distributed. Like say 3 hardcore / 3 lesbian and 3 masturbation sites. It all depends on what you are into of course, heck you might be thinking “what the hell is he on about, it’s the perfect combo”, then disregard that whole speech I made.

Previously I might have sounded a bit skeptic of this package deal, I’m really not. The fact of the matter is that all of these sites have been around for a long time and they are all bulging with content each and every one of them. I checked out the hardcore site just to see how many exclusive hardcore scenes this deal would get me (hey, that’s what I like). On I counted 60+ scenes and just about the same on In fact it seemed that all the sites current have around 60 scenes per site, which isn’t that shocking considering they all got launched about a year ago and have had weekly updates ever since. All in all it comes down to about 500+ exclusive scenes on your initial signup and after that it’s 2 new sites per month so you do the math on that one.

All the technical
Each scene/ on the sites come with high resolution still pictures available. These are extremely sharp and in high resolution, probably the best picture quality you will find out there on a porn site. You can always download the pictures as .zip files.

- All the sites are updated weekly with no exceptions or “slipups”

- All video scenes can be download as one big file or as segments. There are 3 quality levels and all these can be streamed, only the two best levels of quality can be download.

- The videos are streamed in wmv format of course, but the downloads are all MPG format and very good quality there indeed, the videos are a real joy to watch.

The bottom line:
As you can all tell by the reviews I have done of the sites individually already I am very much pleased with the way each site is run. They keep the quality level higher than anyone else out there, they have they shoot the best looking girls, they never miss and update, and there is no fuzz about the download of the videos. It’s really hard to put a finger on them doing anything wrong at all. In this case, of course I would have loved 30 sites from the start but that might just be greed. The fact is these 9 sites offer an abundance of high quality porn content and I have no problem at all recommending this package. If you are just fond of one particular site and have no need for the rest however, then just sign up for that one because you will save a bit.


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