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Review of Frathouse Fuck Fest:

I don’t see that many reality sites anymore, well at least no sites that actually try enough to deserve to be categorized as one. This sites isn’t actually doing anything that hasn’t been seen before in fact it’s the exact same plot as and The idea is that these guys throw college campus parties and record the events as they take place. Of course the parties always end up with 2 or more people having sex (don’t all parties?) and this is of course recorded and put out on the net. How much of this an illusion and how much of this is just real people with real reactions I will leave up to you to decide I will just tell you how well everything is executed.

The first thing that struck me when I entered the members area was the design quality, it seemed very simple and a tad amateurish but it was easy to navigate the episodes. The episodes were listed in standard episode format boxes with a thumbnail and direct link to all the quality level video pages, still picture page and action still pages (screen captures). For the videos I could only choose between 5 minute segmented video stream for broadband, hi-band and lo-band quality. Here I was disappointed right away to learn that there was no full movie download link L and of course that the movies were only streamed with no obvious way to download the videos!

I was again disappointed with the quality level. The first thing I tried watching were the broadband videos which are streamed in wmv format. The sound here was really quite bad and the video itself was not very fluid or high in resolution (320 x 240). At a higher bitrate this resolution would been alright to look at but the experience all together comes off a mediocre at best. I tried the hi-band quality as well, this was quicktime streamed and the sound here was good with the videos having a nice flow to them. The resolution was still 320 x 240 and my quicktime browser plugin does allow me to view full screen so that kind of sucks. Obviously this site caters to low/medium-band surfers and has nothing special to offer real broadband users that don’t mind download 10mb per minute to watch (here it’s like 4-5mb per minute). If you realize this before you join and you don’t have the fastest connection in the world already then quality is likely to fit your needs without really standing out. (at the time of review there were 16 episodes available).

*Note that you can actually download the .wmv files if you want to. First off you can just right click the streaming video and get the address for the wmv file and type that in your address bar (your browser must be set to download media not stream it). You can also just go to the parent directory of that episode and all the files are listed, right click and save. I don’t think you are supposed to be able to do that perhaps but they don’t seem to go to extreme length to make sure you can’t.

On the other hand I was really happy to see the still pictures made it here. Way too often with reality sites we are simply served screen captures to feast our eyes on and well it’s never a pretty sight. The pictures are decent resolution 900 x 600 and nice to view. The way you navigate through the galleries is a bit annoying though. A gallery page consists of a left side navigation bar where the thumbnails for all the pictures for that episodes is listed. What is annoying here is that you can’t start surfing the pictures before every thumbnail is loaded and since they already cater to medium connection users with their videos, this is a strange choice. I didn’t mind too much though, I let them load and then surfed the pictures without problems.

What keeps this site alive and kicking is of course it’s action and this is really quite entertaining. I chose not to look at the site as real college girls getting fucked on camera, more like a party where the producers had hired porn actors to come and put on a show in the middle of things and that worked for me ;). I found it sexy as hell to see the girls drinking and getting really wasted and the guys cheering whenever a girl would take her top off. And then later how people in many cases would stand around two people fucking in the middle of the room at times, that’s real good action and you just don’t see that on conventional porn DVDs, we need the reality sites for this.

The content here is 100% exclusive meaning we can’t see this anywhere else which is always a plus. And what’s even better is that the producers here have other exclusive sites to which you gain access when you sign up for this one. The sites you also have access to are:, and All of these sites have the same quality levels in videos and the same streaming system.

I know I sound terribly grumpy when it comes to the quality of the videos but it is also 2006 right now and this site could stand to get with the times here. Despite of this I always enjoy original action that this one has, specially served up as “reality”, what can I say, I dig it! The action has a real feeling to it, it’s unscripted, out of control and set to full party mode. It’s horny action all the way. This combined with bonus sites access makes this site worth the price but with the quality issues and the streaming thing it doesn’t really stand out as much as it could.

1 month: $29.95

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