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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MP4

Prices: Limited Trial: $1.00/1 day, rebills at $29.95
$29.95/30 days
$119.40/365 days, rebills at $9.95

Review of Brandi Belle:

"I personally guarantee that my own site is not like any other girls webpage you have ever seen on the web today." - Brandi Belle

Sometimes, a pure attractive female is not enough for us. We need something a little bit more. A little bit of personality. So while there are plenty of websites with a focus on attractive females, I was looking for one where the female was attractive, but also demonstrated a great personality. Luckily, I found one with Brandi Belle, one of the most unique single model sites I've seen in a while.

Brandi Belle is a single model site with a focus on Brandi. However, the focus is not on how sexy Brandi is, or what she likes in bed. Instead, the focus is on putting Brandi in fun, random, cool sexual situations. That makes this a pretty unique single model site. Taking the focus off of the model a bit and making it a situational site is great. And here, there is all kinds of stuff going on. The common image floating of Brandi with some guy and a fire extinguisher is only the beginning of it. So join in for a ride on a very unique, well put together idea of a website.

When you sign into Brandi's site, you first get the most recent update. It comes every Tuesday, and I can tell you that is not a lie. Today is Tuesday and you bet there is a brand new update right now! Underneath this is a listing of recent updates. Each one has one regular sized thumbnail, as well as a title, an add date, and runtime. This is some important information, but some of the essence of these videos is not captured here at all, and that was one of my bigger problems with this site. The preview system doesn't really capture everything going on here! On the sidebar there is a link to a blog, biopage, among other extras which we will go over later. Overall, the layout here is pretty nice. The site looks professional, and also modern. The preview thing isn't as big of a deal because if you are into Brandi, you will download most of these videos anyway.

The videos are the biggest focus on the site. When you get into an episodes page, you get a nice description as well as some options. Here, the previews get better with four big thumbnails as well as the detailed description in text. You can choose to either download the movie or simply watch it. If you decide to stream, you get a full video of the best quality. If you go to the download page, you get more and more thumbnails! First off there are big preview thumbnails for the four big sized movie segments, usually around 65 mb each. And underneath this, there are also smaller thumbnails for the smaller movie segments, usually over fifty thumbnails! You can download the big segments in either WMV or MPG. You also have a full video option in WMV. The smaller segments can be downloaded in the same manner. I think that they are the same quality all the way through here, and that is where we will go next.

The quality here on Brandi Belle is pretty darn good. The WMVs clock in at 1048k, which is a nice number. The videos aren't perfect at full screen, but they are pretty close. What I really respect is that these are trully full screen and they fill your screen with joy! I can't say too much bad about the quality here, I think they did a very good job with that.

A quick word on the pictures, well, they are vidcaps. You will get up to twenty pages full of thumbnails. The actual pictures don't look too bad for what they are, but what they really need to do is ween down the number of pictures. And as a single model site, I would think Brandi should need some glamour shots at one point or another.

I mentioned the extras here, we will go deeper into that. In addition to the videos and pictures, you get some other cool stuff here. Brandi has a bio as well as a blog, so you can get deep into her mind.. and her pants, all in one site! There is a download section with wallpapers, screensavers, and comics too! There is also a page about the guys on the site, aka the guys she's fucked here. This is actually kind of interesting, she rates them and its just kind of fun. There is an extraneous video section, with some humor stuff and just getting to know Brandi better. You also get a fansigns extra, where Brandi will make a sign for you and take a picture of her holding it if you have been a member for a while.

So how does she look? Well, Brandi looks like a cute, younger girl. She doesn't have the pornstar look, more like an alt girl but not an extreme one, a pretty tame one. She has relatively small boobs which I would gladly take in my mouth. She is a hot girl and will appeal to a lot of folks. The action here is basically a big jumble, but Brandi throws a lot of fun into her videos. Some videos are a lot of fun and not a lot of sex, but it brings a nice intimacy to the site and to Brandi herself.

At the time of review, Brandi had a total of 38 sets of content. With the addition of a new set every Tuesday, this will just grow and grow. There might be a lack of bonus sites, but the extra stuff and just Brandi being Brandi makes up for a lot of that.


This site is breath of fresh air in the solo category. While it might be a different kind of solo site, it is fun and also very intimate. Brandi becomes your second girlfriend after a membership here. It is a great experience and one I would recommend to all!


Reader comments:

Comment by: annegerb Rating: 07-04-01

Good site. She is definetely a nice girl. Whet I dislike: She is not the best performer and sometimes she just acts without fun and dedication.

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