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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows, XviD

Prices: $24.95/30 days
$59.95/90 days

Review of Amazing Pass:

What do you find amazing? I think a lot of things are amazing. The beauty of nature at its wildest. Sometimes I just find myself staring at a bird, and getting a relaxing feeling inside. It doesn't matter what I am doing or what the stress of the day is, I just love it. I should go into bird watching, perhaps. But that is what I really find amazing. If you are into porn, you will find some amazing websites as well. Many of them will be and have been reviewed right here on this website. But we haven't come across too many sites that will go out and say they are amazing right in their name. Today we have, and we will determine if Amazing Pass lives up to its name.

Amazing Pass is a video download site which is actually a network encompassing lots of different sites, all with specific genres. There are a few sites like this out there. But back to the idea of the site, basically you are looking at a site with lots of satellite sites that each has a collection of DVD videos. None of this is original, it's all taken from prexisting DVDs for the most part. Some also seem to have come from older reality sites. If you are familiar with this type of site, none of this will really be too different for you. But we will still go over the specifics of it.

Upon entry to Amazing Pass, you get a listing of the different types of categories of sites. They include, Anal, Oral, Ethnics, Pornstars, DVDs, Teens, Hardcore, Gay/Shemale, Lesbian, Extra Sites, and Milf/Mature. Pretty much the most general breakdown of categories you could have. One thing that really burned my ass was that there were some ads on the front page as well. I don't like that on a pay site, but here, it was really junky ads that I find even more annoying on a pay site! But anyway, the site is setup in an easy-to-use way, but it is also pretty bland and boring at the same time. When you pull up the site listing for the different categories, all you really get is the site name and a thumbnail of the front page. I guess that is all you really need, but some text or something could have been helpful as well.

The videos are the big attraction here on Amazing Pass. And while each sites design varied a bit, for the most part you get a small description coupled with some thumbnails from the video. Kind of like a reality type setup, but a strong thumbnail system is in place for most of these videos. You get a good idea of what you are getting before you start downloading. Most of the videos here are XVID Avi's. There are also some MPGs, but for the most part Amazing Pass stays strong with the XVIDs here. If you are unsure about XVID, it is simply a codec needed to watch these videos, much like divx. The videos tend to be several hundred MB per scene of video.

The huge video sizes lead to great video quality, but at the same time they also mean long downloads. For bigtime quality freaks, the stuff here is really good. For the more quantity oriented pornster, you might want to look at something else. The quality here is pretty good all around. Now, with several different sites operating, it is hard to make generalizations. But for the most part you get a good quality. That said, there are some sites which feature some older looking porn movies. The quality of the movies is good from a technical standpoint, but the originals here just look like older porn with the weaker coloring and whatnot. Can't do much about that on the site level, except maybe select some newer videos to translate!

Amazing Pass has some bonus sites, and there a good few of them which are picture only sites. This adds a new dimension to Amazing Pass and gives it an edge, because most of these sites are strictly videos. The pictures are nothing too special, but they are nice to have and look at on the side sometimes.

Ok, so what I've said so far pretty much means that this a good site right? Well, there are a few exceptions. First of all, when you do a site like this, you need to bring the pain, because you are going against some big sites. And that is where Amazing Pass is less than amazing. First of all, the content here is nothing new to anyone who checks out sites like this. A lot of repetition from other sites. Second of all, the amount of content pales in comparision to the competition. Each site seems to contain about a DVD or two, roughly ten to twelve scenes at the most. Of course, there are some with more, some with less, I am generalizing. Either way, it is nothing that will knock you over if you've seen these other sites along these lines.

I'm not counting exactly, but so far Amazing Pass probably has about 70 total sites in its network. Sure, that means a lot of content, but again, other sites have it beat in the content department. With the extra ads and the repetition, that doesn't help much either. But still, a decent amount of content, and if you are a big fan of sites like this, it might be worth checking out.


Amazing Pass would be a great site if it had some more exclusive DVDs to it. Unfortunately, here you just get another sites take on a bigger, better set of sites. Other than the ads, I can't find much to complain about it. But it just falls a little flat because of the competition.


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