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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: Yes
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: Flash, MOV, MP4, Windows

Prices: $19.99/30 days
$59.99/90 days

Review of Busty Brits:

"I'm up here!" it's a well known cliché, one that I'm sure big breasted women do not utter quite as much as guys catch themselves staring a little too long. Now to avoid this awkward situation you can do one of two things as I see it; 1. You can apply some sort of electric device on your self whenever you catch Yourself staring. Or 2. You can stuff yourself with large breasts a plenty online until you do not even notice them on the street or at restaurants. Ok so the second may never work on some people, but it's worth a shot damn it! If you are one of the people who need a daily shot of big chested eye candy then This guy Robin W runs just for you. A site that, as the name strongly implies, showcases British models with big breasts... duh!

Before I entered the member’s area I was snooping around out side taking the tour just to see how this site would set itself apart from similar sites. I have to admit the splash page almost frightened me off completely with a big picture instead of some nice explaining text or something. It looked like I took a wrong turn on the net and ended up in the 90's. I then took the tour which continued to confuse me. Now there was a short explanation of what the members area contains and then it said: "Below is the view of the Members Home page as it appears TODAY.". I scrolled down and saw an announced blog for a girl named Gemma Parker using Blogger. It's was all very mysterious at this point at rather confusing. Luckily I decided to check out the next page of the tour and now I got a nice model listing and immediately I became more interested in the site as the models here did look very well 'equipped' and a lot of them looked like stunners as well. So now I logged in expecting more than I did at first glance.

When you first log in to the members area, the first page you hit appears to be Robin's (the photographer) web log (blog). I think this blog is a great thing for the members and I think many webmasters can learn from this guy interacting with the members but the way things are put together right now the new average surfer might still be confused by the change of design and layout from page to page. To the right of this blog which is actually just called "news and chat" there is navigation panel. In my eager to find some, well, busty Brits, I clicked the archives link only to realize this was the news archive, damn it! I look a few seconds more at that panel and I could see it was just out side links and quick blog entry links. The real navigating is done by using the top panel and this, luckily, works well.

Now I was finally browsing the 58 models and their exclusively shot photos for and now my stress level radically decreased and I was starting to enjoy myself. It's important to remember once you are inside that the webmaster Robin warns us that when the site first opened some of the girls were "enhanced" however today the focus is only on natural big sized breasts. I didn't notice too many boob jobs myself and I was quite impressed with the whole natural theme also because the 'models' didn't strike me as professional porn girls or even nude models at all. To be honest they more than anything had that girl next door vibe about them. That combined

with the way the photos are shot creates this rather raw/realness feeling when you look at the pictures that is really quite unique and can best be described as amateur-glamour. Sounds like I've lost it or I’m just making stuff up, right? Well check out some of the samples above and see if you can spot what I'm talking about.

The pictures are the main focus here without a doubt. On the tour the site does boasts about having some movies which it does but the selection here is a bit more limited than the pictorials. The pictures however are top notch when it comes to resolution, all the new updates feature 1200 px resolution and if this is not going to shut you pixel radicals up I don't know what will.... 1600? Come off it, the rest of us would still like a picture to load up within an hour. I would love to say that the pictures are always very sharp and crisp but that's just not the truth. The truth is that the pictures can, no matter how old or how new they may be, seem a bit out of focus at times and thereby making the pictures seem blurry. In general however the pictures look very nice and as I've said, they have that "homemade" quality to them while being professionally shot.

All the models here seem to have done several spreads for the site. I browsed almost all the 58 available models here to see how many set they do in average. I can't give you an exact number because it varies from 4-5 to like 15-20 at times but as a general rule I'm gonna guess a model does about 7 sets in average per model, that very nice. The sets on a model page is listed by what location it was shot on, or what piece of furniture, for example "chair" - "bed" - "kitchen" - "shower" you get the idea, again this helps bring an amateur feel into it. If a model has shot video for the site, you will also see that on the model page and this really is the best way to stumble across them as the movie page takes a while to surf through and get an over view of. The movies can date back to 2000-2001 and are really low quality mpgs. Most of them are 30 seconds clip featuring the girls showing off their enormous racks in various ways. The latest one was a whole 5½ minutes clip at 640x480 resolution in wmv format and that is well worth the look but the rest are not standing the test of time very well to be honest.

Other than that there are links to a backstage section, this however is "under construction" and so is the Showcase link. I was pretty curious about both and my general rule about these things in members areas is do not make the links until it's finished, "under construction" signs are so '97 ;). The link to the message board did work and here you can really get to chat it up with the other breast loving members of the site or with the photographer Robin who is very active here and will gladly reply to your posts with answers or get involved in a discussion.

Bustybrits pulls through in the end (phew). We can go on talking about confusing layout, designs not matching up and unfinished pages but what it all comes down to is that we were promised girls with big natural breasts and damn it we got it. I came to love the pictures here for various reason. First off the models were not oversaturated girls you have seen everywhere else, second the pictures are very well shot and the quality is good. Then of course there is also a lot of them. The site boasts well over 50.000 exclusive pictures and that certainly seems right to me. Another plus is that it is cheap to stay as a member here, the first month costs you $24.95 but that rebills at only $12.50. All in all this makes this site worth a strong recommendation for those of you who like your breasts real, big and not too dolled up.


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