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Pictures: Yes Bonus sites: No Downloads: No
Movies: Yes Live Shows: No Formats: MPEG, Windows

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Review of Lex P.O.V.:

BrainPass secured the online exclusive rights for Lex Steele's movie a while ago. Actually at first they had one problem because another company had bought license for some movies before they signed the papers. This meant 2 companies could sell access to Lex' movies online, BrainPass however solved the situation by buying out the competition and thereby holding the exclusive online rights. They haven't slept on the laurels ever since, actually they have launched 5-6 Lex Steele sites all catering to not too different niches. One is interracial videos, another is a big cock, well they don't really get much more different than that. This one doesn't really get that much more different that what is already out there, it's just more Lex Movies this time they are simply categorized by POV (Point Of View ) movies. This is where the male actor holds the camera through the scene. Let's find out if this is another site to sign up for if you are a Lex Steele fan.

To answer whether you need to sign up again or not, then the answer is easy, if you are already a member of a Lex site, chances are you already have access to this one. is a members of which is a network of sites that works by signing up to one, get access to all. Here's a list of the Lex Steele sites you get access to in this network when signing up:

Out of all these sites stands out as the official, best and biggest site of them all. The rest of these sites, including, are basically just spin-off sites concentrated on a micro niche. I think POV is the best attempt yet though.

If you don't know Lex Steele then you have probably been living under a rock in the porn world or you just don't care as much as me ;). I think it's fair in many ways to say Lex is the black answer to Peter North. They both work like "dogs" and they both get the best looking women in the industry in their movies. I even heard Lex has his own tv-show by now on the spice channel and that should be a testament as well to his abilities.

Going over the site it's very easy to navigate, just like all other sites they use the same template for navigating the content. To give an idea of how much there is to keep track of you have 4 choices: Home, Videos, Friends, Support. Home is of course just the link to the front page, and support is pretty much self explanatory I'd say. Friends is not really exciting either as it's a page that holds ads for other sites or products. All we are left with is the link to a list of all the videos available here. Usually there would be a "pictures" link as well, but Lex' movies do not come with digital still images, only screen captures from the videos, it's a shame of course.

Talking about navigation I do have to mention the relatively new flash navigation bar that has been incorporated throughout the entire network of sites. This is the best way to work with favorite videos, pictures or actors I have ever seen. Also the bar offers you super fast access to any site in their portfolio. Check out 2 screen images I made here to show you how it work: Choose siteBookmarks. This is an extremely useful tool once you get used to actually using it and it makes navigation on this site and the rest it comes with, extremely easy.

The quality of the movies is good without making any jaws drop except in one exception. For all the movies available at the time of review you can choose to download a movie in 5-minute segments as either wmv (700 kbps) or mpg (650 kbps) files of 352 x 240 resolution. This is fairly good quality because the bit rate is high enough for that resolution to ensure nice fluid pictures that don't get too pixilated. It's also very standard settings by now. I would like to mention the exception because this is the latest video added and this had an extra option DVD FULL SCENE DOWNLOAD. Now this is more like it. First of all you can download the entire scene in one sitting and you kickass quality of 2000 kbps and 720 x 480 resolution, now this is quality (true dvd quality) give us more of that!

I do have to mention the pictures again, as I said they are no digital stills but "just" screen captures from the video. These are better than average quality though and they seem to have been sorted fairly well, meaning they have cleaned out the really blurry ones before adding them to the site. I would hate to do without these as they really are ok considering they are captures but of course we would all prefer some still pictures.

What you get is pretty simple, at the time of review there were 19 movie scenes available all shot in the POV format and with one scene available as dvd full scene download. I cannot say what the update frequency is because they don't advertise it anywhere and nothing is date stamped at all. This usually means the update ratio isn't too strict and for now I would take the content at face value. If you are a big fan of Lex or maybe even Peter North, all the pornstars on the network have a section on the rather large message board where there is actually some activity going on. To my knowledge neither Peter nor Lex writes on the board, it's strictly fan talk.

To this particular review it's only fair to once again focus on the extra Lex Steele sites that you will have access to when you sign up, unrestricted. If you combine all the sites you then have 50+ complete dvd titles available for download, still pictures on and a lot of extra scenes well over 200 all in all. Because this is very relevant to a lexpov titled site we do consider this extra material in our review.

Conclusion. does not break any barriers it's simply yet another site to cash in on the Lex Steele name at the moment by adding the micro niche P.O.V.. With the other 5 sites already launched and added to the network this site really isn't justified as such however if you are a member of the network you will probably appreciate the content being sorted by it's own sites and thereby it's own identity. This network is the only place on the net for fans of Lex' movies to go, there is no alternative and it's nice to see that they are treating the content decently with good quality and to see that they are gonna take it to the next step. For Lex fans this network comes more than highly recommended, this site in itself really is just a filler.


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